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I spent some time in my lazy-boy recliner on Monday evening doing a little reading on the highly anticipated release of Farming Simulator 17.  As I recently pointed out, the summer of 2016 (like most summer months) has been really busy for me.  I’ve just not had time to spend gaming and when I don’t game….well I also don’t have much time to blog either.  Of the simulation based games I frequently play (when I have time) I must admit it is Farming Simulator which is one I really enjoy and I think the reason for this is because it is not just one dimensional.  Meaning, with American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2…the task at hand is driving a truck.  With Train Simulator the task is driving a train and with Flight Simulator….Ok…you get my point.  Now…please understand that I do enjoy each and every one of those sims.  I also realize each of those do offer a great deal of variety in the types of trucks, trains and aircraft which can be operated.  But the general premise is still one dimensional.

While Farming Simulator can certainly be one dimensional if that is how one desires to play it.  Of course, in the early stages of a new map the game play is often devoted to just farming (planting, harvesting, sell, rinse/repeat).  But as your farm/map gets rolling there’s plenty of other things to do including animal husbandry and even logging.  Yes…yes…I know.  The element of logging might be a short stretch with regards to connecting it to farming.  I’ll also be honest and say that until I purchased my Logitech joystick and figured out how to get both the wheel/pedal AND joystick all working together, I absolutely hated logging.  By the way, I recorded a YouTube video documenting how I managed to get it all working in Farming Simulator 15.  Even without a joystick, a chainsaw and this modded woodchipper can help earn some good money and help remove some of those trees which always seem to get in your way.  But hey….this blog post isn’t supposed to be about any of this.

The countdown to the release of Farming Simulator 17 is on everyone’s mind (including mine).  If you are a Farming Simulator fan, then you know FS17 is expected to release on 25 October 2016.  In early March of this year, I typed up a Top 10 wish-list of sorts for what I had hoped FS17 would include.   Once FS17 has been released and I have a few hours with the game, I’ll certainly compare notes between my wish-list and FS17.  But….from what I’ve been reading several of the items I called out may have been addressed.  We already know FS17 will include more crop and animal types to the base game.  Of course, with mods the sky is the limit and our friends who play Farming Simulator on a console platform will finally (with the release of FS17) have mod support.

As I mentioned at the top of this article, I spent some time relaxing in my Lazy-Boy recliner on Monday evening.  With laptop in my lap, I began reading the over 40 pages in the FS17 Feedback thread on the official Farming Simulator Forums.  Through the 40+ pages, the topic of conversation which began on 28 July 2016 is for the purpose of comments and feedback related to the screenshots, videos and other information officially released by Giants.  While representatives of Giants have occasionally posted answers to questions and feedback to opinions, I only found a few examples of this. By the way, the links to the feedback thread are for the English language section.  I’m told Giants may be a little more responsive in the German language section.  As I don’t speak German…that does me no good.  However, there is still a lot of good information in the English language section.

Some details I learned pointed me to the Giants Farming Simulator Facebook page.  On the Notes page, I found information regarding the “New Environment” including the new North American themed map which is set in the Pacific Northwest of the US (Washington State).  While I’m not that excited about finding and collecting the gold coins (I know some of you are), I am really interested in what Giants has described as interacting with local businesses, farmers and residents.  While  the missions in FS15 were fun in the beginning…I always felt more could be done other than just moving a pallet around or mowing.  From the sounds of things, the new Mission System in FS17 will certainly be more interesting as we’ll have the opportunity to earn money by performing tasks on fields we currently don’t own.  That’s pretty cool!

2017 – The Year of Farming

2017 is certainly shaping up to be the year of farming.  In addition to the Giants release of Farming Simulator 17, we also have other “Farming” themed titles slated for release this fall.  Of course, Cattle and Crops is the one at the top of my watch list.   Of the “17 or 2017” branded titles, Professional Farmer 2017 was the first to release earlier this  year.  I sampled it by watching a few YouTube videos and quickly realized I would just keep my pennies in my pocket.  Professional Farmer 2017 is available from Steam for $19.99

Next on the list is Farm Expert 2017.  It’s been available as  a pre-release beta but now has been officially released as of 1 September.  I watched several videos and while I think it shows some promise I personally don’t plan to purchase at this time.  Many of the reviews seem to point to issues which were present in the pre-release and didn’t get fixed in the full version.  From what I have read (and seen), Farm Expert 2017 is more about the actual “Farm Management” versus farm equipment driving simulation.  But having said that, I’m certainly going to keep my eye on this title and see how it progresses over time.  Farm Expert 2017 is available via Steam for $19.99.

Pure Farming 17 is one I just recently learned about.  They have a website and Facebook page with a few published videos.  But unless I’m mistaken, the videos appear to be CGI and not actual recorded game play.  The release is slated for early 2017.

Finally, Cattle and Crops.  Some speculated Cattle and Crops was nothing more than a hoax.  I suppose that could still be the case, but other than being excited about FS17, I’m also holding out some excitement for Cattle and Crops.  It could still prove to be vaporware….but from all that I’ve read and seen about this new entry, it has all that we love about FS15 and all that we want FS17 to be rolled into one.  Like Farm Expert 2017, Cattle and Crops is also supposed to be more than just a farm equipment driving simulation.  But really who knows?  Cattle and Crops, if you are reading this…why are you not pushing more videos, screenshots and general information out?

Final Thoughts

I’m just speaking for myself here.  While I’m already committed to purchase Farming Simulator 17 (pre-order via Steam), I plan to just carefully and cautiously watch the other titles.  I really don’t have an interest in owning and playing multiple farm sim games.  Meaning, if I felt confident Cattle and Crops, Pure Farming 17 or Farm Expert 2017 had what it takes to beat Farming Simulator 17, then most likely one of those two titles would replace FS17 for me.  But as it certainly stands today….I feel pretty confident in saying that FS17 will be enough of an improvement over FS15 to justify the cost and FS17 will become my “Farm Simulator” title once it is released.

However, if anyone from Cattle and Crops, Pure Farming 17, Professional Farmer 2017 or Farm Expert 2017 is reading this.  This blog site averages around  4,500 – 5,000 page views per month.  I’d be more than happy to write an honest review based on game play if you care to contact me.

As I’m traveling the next few days this will be the last blog post until mid-September.

Until next time…

Happy Farming!



  1. I’m curious to see how the mod community reacts to the consilification of mods.

    Mods for consoles will be distributed through a gated portal rather than the open communities we are used to on the PC. As was the case with Fallout 4 (the first console game that allowed mods) there are likely to be a fair number of moders who choose to remain PC only and not submit their mods for console mods.

    Some choose this route because they don’t have a console to test on while others are suspicious of the direction these locked down systems might take. Many in the FO4 community believe that Bethsada (or Sony/MS) would attempt to monetize mods and submitting mods to a closed system gives them the means to do so.

    Unscrupulous players found that they could get PC only mods on the console by downloading them from the open mod sites and then uploading them to Bethsada claiming they were the mod author. This ‘mod theft’ lead to a good deal of ill feeling in the FO4 community. At the time Bethsada’s stance was that the community needed to police itself. Consequently many moders chose to pull their mods from all public access and distribute the privately.

    Giants may well have a better plan in place than Bethsada though I’d be surprised if they did, either way I don’t see an easy road for the modding community with FS17

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