American Truck Simulator–Progress Week Four

This week not only do we celebrate our week four progress of ATS, but we also celebrate the one month anniversary of this wonderful games release.  Yes, time really does fly by when you are having fun.  American Truck Simulator was released on 2 February.  It’s been a great month!  If you don’t own it yet, go get it now!

Our fourth week has been just as productive as all the others.  After we completed our Coast-to-Coast (and back) run, we expanded our San Diego garage, purchased two new trucks and hired two new drivers.  All paid for by cold, hard, cash we’ve earned.  Our little trucking company now owns 13 trucks and employs 12 drivers.  We have reach a point where bank loans just won’t be required.  It’s a good feeling to know we have enough operating capital to purchase a new garage (or expand an existing one), purchase enough trucks to fill it and hire drivers.  Of course, I’ve spent over 80 hours playing this game.

The goal for this week is to go ahead and expand our Las Vegas garage to accommodate five trucks.  We’ll purchase the two trucks and hire new drivers.  This will bring us to 15 owned trucks and employing 14 hard working drivers.  At this point in time, I’m possibly going to hold off on opening any new garage locations until the official Arizona DLC is released by SCS Software.   While I certainly don’t have any “inside” information on exactly when this new state will be released, I’m thinking it should be very soon.

This week I’ve mostly been driving the Kenworth W900 (as shown above).  I purchased this truck for one of my drivers and after tricking it out with all the nice chrome and a powerful engine, I decided to drive it a bit.  I’ve really enjoyed the change from the new Peterbilt.

Also, as I’m sure you read from my blog posting last week…I did upgrade my GPU to the awesome 980Ti.  ATS/ETS2 performance is rock solid.  I’m running with max graphic settings, not having to use any tweaking from Nvidia Inspector and get 60FPS in all areas of the game.  It was money well spent and I’m very happy.

Finally, I added a new simulation based game to my Steam library.  I had added Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 to my Steam watch list and when it went on sale last week, I pulled the trigger.  You can read my “First Impressions” blog piece on Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 which I published last week.

Finally, Finally….I started streaming some of my game play on Twitch again.  I don’t have a set schedule, but if you want to visit my Twitch page and Follow Me, you’ll be notified when I go live.  I will mostly stream Car Mechanic Simulator and American Truck Simulator for now.

Here are my current stats for American Truck Simulator

Level 26

Total Driven Distance – 63,578

Total Driven Distance (On Duty) – 60,246

Total Free Roam Distance – 3,331

Roads Explored – 90.29% (No, I didn’t start over.  I installed the coast-to-coast map)

Deliveries Finished – 100

Deliveries Cancelled – 0

Total Game Time Spent – 107 Days, 20 Hours

Play time – 59 Hours

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Until next time…

Happy Trucking!!!


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