Coast-to-Coast in ATS

No, it’s not April Fools and No, I’ve not lost my mind.  It is now possible to drive from the west coast of the USA (California) all the way to the east coast in American Truck Simulator with the help of a new map mod released last week.  You may remember, last week I introduced you to a mod developer named Mantrid and his Speed Limit Fixes (and more) mod.  Among other things, this mod corrects two really big issues (my opinion) with the default ATS map.  It adds a traffic light intersection at highways 6/95 in Tonopah and removes the traffic lights on I-80 in Reno.

Well, Mantrid also created a coast-to-coast map mod which allows ATS truckers the ability to drive from the west coast all the way to the east coast of the USA.  You can download this map mod directly from the SCS Software forums.  Now before I proceed, allow me to get some finer points out of the way.  First, this map mod is a Work In Progress (WIP).  Mantrid’s initial interest in creating the coast-to-coast map was simply to be able to drive from one side of the USA to the other.  So as the map stands today, it is pretty basic.  So basic that he only included a handful of cities along the way with just one primary highway route.  The cities along the route are Phoenix, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.  The highway route is basically I-40 all the way to OKC, then I-44 up to St. Louis, then I-70 to Pittsburgh, then I-76 etc.  See map images below.


Again, I say this map mod is a work in progress.  The other point I want to make, is much of the terrain areas don’t necessarily match up with the real world.  Yes, you’ll probably notice palm trees in New York City.  There are also a few mileage signs which appear to be in the wrong locations.  An example is just out of Boston I saw a mileage sign for Bakersfield or Fresno.  Anyway…just remember, this map mod is a WIP.

This blog post will be both a Trucker’s Logbook and Mod Review all rolled into one.  If you are interested in downloading this new Coast-to-Coast map mod, visit the SCS Forums via this direct link.  Also, as this is a WIP, make sure you check that thread for updates to the map.  Oh…before I forget.  You don’t need a massive amount of Long Distance skills to pickup jobs with the coast-to-coast expansion.  All you need is one skill of Long Distance and the jobs should appear.

It’s just after 9:30 AM on Wednesday, and we are looking at picking up a job hauling for Walmart from LA to Pittsburgh.  The load is 27,500 pounds of clothing.  The expected delivery time is Sunday between the hours of 6:03 PM and 7:33 PM.  The pay out isn’t the best in the world at only $22.44 per mile.  The trip distance is 2,501 miles and our GPS is telling us that is a little over 65 hours of driving.  A perfect delivery should earn us just over $56K.  Let’s do it!


For this coast-to-coast run, we will be driving our Kenworth W900.  I purchased it last week for one of my new drivers and at the time of purchase I tricked it out nicely.  In the image below, we have just picked up our trailer and have 2,501 miles to go.  We have approx. 300 gallons of diesel, plenty of coffee and snacks and a bladder the size of a camel.

While the amount of cities are few on this massive map expansion, the fuel and rest stops are plentiful.  At least they are when you have the luxury of 300 gallon diesel capacity.  I was able to drive from LA to Albuquerque on the first day.  Unfortunately, the only state line sign I noticed was crossing into New Mexico (see below).

After a hot shower and wonderful New Mexico Truck Stop breakfast, we are ready to hit the road once again.

The weather on our second day of driving (Thursday), remained mostly cloudy but no rain.

Another full day of driving, we pull into another truck stop along the way.  This one is somewhere between OKC and St. Louis.

Our third day (Friday) finds us hammering down I-70 as the sun rises in the distance.  We are well ahead of schedule and should complete our delivery on Saturday morning.

We spend our third night in another truck stop along I-70 just near Columbus.  This will set us up to make the delivery with over 24 hours to spare.

What’s this?  A California Ambulance all the way out here in Pennsylvania?

Our on-time delivery of clothing items from California to Pittsburgh is appreciated

This job bumps us up to level 25.

I applied my new skill point to the “Fragile Cargo” category.  The next earn point will go in “Just In Time Delivery” to level it out.

But of course, LA to Pittsburgh is not USA Coast-to-Coast.  So while in Pittsburgh, we found a job hauling Lay’s Potato Chips to Boston.


Another on-time delivery from GrizzlyBear Trucking.

While I discovered a garage in Boston for purchase, I decided against buying it at this time.  I’m not 100% sure how owning a garage on this un-finished map will work.  I’m sure there will be upgrades to the map, so for now I’m just going to pickup a load of seeds and head all the way back to LA.  This job pays over 100K.  See you back in LA.

Until next time…

Happy Trucking!!!


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