The Value of FS15

As I type this blog article on 28 September 2016, we are less than one month away from the release of Farming Simulator 17.  Giants will release Farming Simulator 17 on 25 October.  The ability to Pre-order (with incentives) is currently still available.  Just about everyone I know have either already pre-ordered FS17 or have committed to making the move.  Actually most everyone I know, while certainly reserved regarding the true differences between FS15 and FS17, are actually pretty excited about the new release.  I actually fall into this category as well.  While I’m trying very hard not to get my hopes up, I am still excited about the changes I’ve seen and read about.

Again, as I’m typing out the words in this article, some farming sim enthusiasts are still actually weighing the value of Farming Simulator 15 and its DLC packages.  A fellow FS15 gamer posted a question in the Steam discussion groups asking for opinions if “it really made sense” to purchase the FS15 DLC he is currently missing in his collection.  He recognizes the cost of the missing DLC (he confirms to own the Gold Edition) exceeds the price of FS17, but still wants to know if it is really worth it.

There is a saying (at least in the US) that goes like this.  “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  Said in another way, what is valuable to one individual, may not hold the same value to another.  By the way, I’m certainly not calling FS15 DLC trash.  I actually responded to this individuals question with the following statement “I think you are the only person who can really answer this question”.  I went on to add some additional content to my answer, but really the true answer is defined in that first statement.

Earlier this week I sort of touched on the economy of the video game market in a post I wrote about the new Schwarzmuller Trailer Pack DLC for ETS2.  I explained how the initial purchase of a game like ETS2, ATS or FS15 somewhat covers the developers cost to bring that title to market, but DLC sold along the way continues to keep the lights on and provides further motivation and financial support for future work.  This is certainly the case for the DLC we’ve seen released by Giants for FS15.  Each Farming Simulator version (13, 15, 17) are unique and unlike in the Flight Simulation market where you may have purchased an add-on for FSX 10 years ago AND that same add-on (or a slightly updated one) can be used for Prepar3D with no extra cost just isn’t the case.  The best we can hope for is DLC equipment sold for FS15 (like the JCB as an example) would be part of the default equipment list in FS17.  But more about this in just a minute…

Value of FS15 Today

As I previously stated, most everyone I know is truly excited about the upcoming release of Farming Simulator 17 on 25 October.  The anticipation of this release has actually caused me to have a renewed interest in FS15.  I’m going to announce in a few days a new project I’ve started.  In a nutshell, it’s about limited game play on YouTube.  But the excitement around FS17, does actually have me playing FS15 a bit more than I had been playing in recent months.  However, even though I’m excited about the release of FS17, I also know that while FS17 will most likely dominate my virtual farming efforts….I’m not entirely sure I’ll immediately pull the plug on FS15.

On 25 October (the day FS17 officially is released) there will be absolutely no mods available.  Mods that I hold very near and dear in my game play such as Drive Control, Courseplay, Auto-Combine and others will not be available for FS17.  Most likely, dates on the October calendar labeled as 26 October, 27 October, 28 October etc. will be just like 25 October.  Oh…I’m sure there will be some mods which were originally developed for FS13 which were converted for FS15 which will once again be converted to FS17 start to appear.  But, I personally believe many days (perhaps weeks) and in some cases a few months may pass before we see our must have mods available.  The main reason for this is the folks that develop a mod like Courseplay will not see FS17 until we all see FS17.  Another saying which I believe applies here goes like this….”Good things come to those who wait”

FS15 DLC in FS17

Even at this late date we don’t  know all the equipment which will be available as default/in-game equipment when FS17 releases next month.  Giants has certainly done an outstanding job in building the suspense all the way to release day.  What we do know however, is much of the JCB equipment which was sold in the FS15 JCB DLC will be available in FS17 as default equipment.  It’s still unclear regarding the New Holland DLC pack and the Holmer DLC packs.  But if I were a betting man, I would say these will also be included (or most will be included).  In time, Giants will develop and release brand new and exciting DLC for FS17 and the cycle continues.

Bottom Line

For some, it may be worth picking up FS15 DLC (even in this late stage) to continue to broaden and enhance game play in FS15.  For those on PC, I might suggest you look into mods…but that of course is a different story with the console platform.  October 25th really is just around the corner.  But if we reflect back on our childhood memories, the weeks, days and hours leading up to Christmas morning also seemed like eternity.  But really….the value of FS15 DLC at this point in time is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Until next time….

Happy Farming!



  1. This Reddit contains a running list of confirmed equipment and ‘seems’ to confirm the Holmer TeraDos

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