P3Dv5 Inching Closer and Closer

My Prepar3D v5 setup is getting closer and closer to being ready for full time use.  Just in the past 48 hours, Aerosoft announced the release of their P3Dv5 installers for the Airbus A318/A319 & A320/A321 aircraft.  I’ve downloaded and installed both and they appear to work just fine. 

As I’ve mentioned in previous updates regarding my move to P3Dv5, I’m in no hurry to pull the plug on P3Dv4.5.  It continues to run smooth and as I’m still in self-isolation and working from home, I’m logging 6-8 hours a day in the sim.  For the month of May I logged over 150 flight hours.  The only hiccup I had was some performance issues after taking the last P3Dv4.5 hotfix which I discussed here

Fun in the Airbus Continues

As I mentioned here, I’ve moved back to the Aerosoft Airbus for my A319/A320 and A321 flights.  Since reacquainting myself with these models, I’ve logged perhaps 35-40 hours of flights in them and while the FSLabs product is more immersive, the Aerosoft versions have given me many hours of trouble-free enjoyment. 

Come on PMDG

As I’ve mentioned before, my holding pattern from plowing full-steam ahead with P3Dv5 is the PMDG 737NGXu release.  At the time of this writing, there is no clear timeframe for when it will be made available for v5.  From what I understand, there are two possible reasons for the stall.

First, Lockheed Martin is working on another hotfix for P3Dv5 which is supposed to resolve some of the performance and stability issues.  Second, Microsoft is due to release the latest Windows 10 update 2004 which is supposed to also address some issues with VRAM.  Most likely, Lockheed is waiting on Microsoft and PMDG is in a holding pattern as a result.  Makes sense to me.

My P3Dv5 Settings

I’m still tweaking my graphics settings to get the best looking visuals and performance from P3Dv5.  I started by essentially duplicating my P3Dv4.5 settings and that was initially OK.  However, due to the slight instability of v5 (at this time), I’ve backed them down slightly without much visual impact.  So I’ll continue to see how this works with the add-ons I have and what limited about of time I’m flying in v5 until the hotfix is released.  After all, at this point it’s really just about testing.

Well that just about does it for this update.  I need to get back to work and in a few hours land my Airbus A319 at KDFW. 

Until next time…

Happy Flying!!!


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