P3Dv4 Panic and Learning Something New

As I’ve stated a few times, my Prepar3D v4.5 setup is pretty stable.  In the past several weeks, I’ve logged an estimated 200 hours of flight time without a single hiccup.  This all changed a few days ago.  Let me explain.

I had been running P3Dv4.5 with hotfix 2.  When Lockheed Martin released their hotfix 3 back in mid April I made the decision to hold off on updating.  I really had no reason to update as I wasn’t experiencing any issues.  This decision even became more apparent after I began the process of setting up P3Dv5.  However, when I began using the new beta version of ActiveSky (for P3Dv5 functionality) I had been using it for both v4 and v5.  After the latest beta update was released it was expecting my P3Dv4 instance to include the hotfix 3 updates.  So I decided to go ahead and update P3Dv4.5 to the hotfix 3 update. 


I installed the hotfix 3 update to P3Dv4.5 and departed Bermuda for Dallas/Ft. Worth.  All seemed to be working fine, but began noticing some major performance issues.  I began watching my FPS and it would drop from my standard 30ish FPS down to 2, then spike back up and then back down.  I dismissed it and finished the flight. 

The next day, I departed KDFW for Bozeman and realized this issue didn’t want to resolve itself (not that they ever do).  So I began troubleshooting. 

The first decision was to update my graphics drivers and software.  It had been sometime since I had taken an Nvidia update.  I thought…well perhaps this hotfix 3 needed the update.  After performing a clean install, I fired up the sim again and still had the same issues. 

Next I decided Plan B was in order and I deleted my shaders folder and the P3D.cfg file.  This normally chases away all gremlins.  However, this time it didn’t.  I still had an unusable sim. 

Google has ALL the answers

I decided to take to Google and see what I could learn.  Of course I found lots of information discussing the steps I had already taken.  I kept looking and finally discovered something new.  A new tip about deleting the SceneryIndexes_64x folder in conjunction with also deleting the shaders and p3d.cfg file. 

Once I completed those steps, I rebooted my PC and fired up P3D.  All was once again golden.  Actually, I think the sim is performing much better as well.

I’ve documented the details about how to locate the SceneryIndexes_64x folder on my FlightSimHelpers.com website.  You can find that info here

Hopefully my P3Dv4.5 (with hotfix 3) will continue to perform until such time as I move over to P3Dv5. 

Until next time..

Happy Flying!


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