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We are finally less than one month away from the much anticipated release of Farming Simulator 17.  Can you believe it?  Unless you’ve been living under a hay bale, you probably have the date of 25 October circled on your calendar.  Actually, you probably have 24 October and perhaps even 23 October circled as well just to serve as a reminder.  While we all anxiously await the release of FS17, we also must certainly be prepared to enjoy only the vanilla aspects of the game for possibly several weeks and perhaps even several months before our favorite mods have been made available.  For those of you who only know Farming Simulator via the console, then this won’t be an issue.  But for those like myself, the first few weeks of FS17 will remind us of the early days of FS15.  Said another way, for those of us playing FS15 via PC (with mods)….we better practice driving a tractor, combine etc. in a straight line without the GPS mod.  ha ha

A few weeks ago I started playing on the Oklahoma map and reviewed it here on my blog.  I also stated that I felt the Oklahoma map would see me through until the release of FS17.  While I absolutely love the Oklahoma map, I’ve come to realize that the map is just too large for me at this time.  Unfortunately, the amount of time it takes to harvest even the smaller fields (even with multiple combines) is just more than I have time for in a single sitting.  Perhaps my OCD is a bigger deal, but I really like to be able to complete the task during a game play session.  I’ve also found that in order for a single player to accomplish anything on a map this large that you must heavily depend on Courseplay.  Anyway…

My blog site turned 6 years old just a few weeks ago.  I don’t spend my time blogging in an effort to make money.  I do it as an extension of the hobby and in an effort to give something back by helping others.  This blog site is fairly popular.  The site receives over 5,000 hits per month and all things considered, I think that’s pretty good for mostly written content in this day of vlogging and podcasting.

More than once I’ve considered doing more than just written text.  In other words, more than once I’ve thought about using video to help showcase the game titles I play and also use this medium to help others.  Other than having a really busy life, I’m also very much aware that there are many, many fine YouTube presenters who spend countless hours showcasing games like Farming Simulator as an example.  I’ve created a few “how to” videos regarding Practical Soilmod Workflow and my most popular video with over 2,400 views on how to configure BOTH the Logitech G27 and Joystick.

While my time is still somewhat limited, I plan to record and produce YouTube videos which I’ll showcase here in this blog.  I’m not 100% certain what the video release frequency will be.  But at the moment I’m spending a few days building up a small queue of videos so I can try to keep a consistent flow of content coming out.  For now I’m going to shoot for 1-2 new videos per week.  Again this is just an extension of my hobby and not in any way to attempt to become a YouTube Partner.  Smile

I’ve decided for this first video project to play the Paradise Hills map by Stevie.  I’ve been a huge fan of Stevie’s maps since the days of his Ringwoods version of Westbridge Hills.  Paradise Hills offers a nice mixture of small and large fields and most will fit exactly into my schedule and game play style.  At the present time I’m harvesting all the pre-planted crops.  Once this is done, I’ll install the wonderful Soilmod.

I will say this much.  I’ve recorded six videos which will publish over the next few weeks.  For those guys who create YouTube content on a regular basis…it may look easy from the outside.  But once you get started and make the decision to start producing content, you soon realize it’s not easy.  It’s not easy to keep conversation going and having something different and interesting to talk about while you are farming along.  SO, with this in mind…please be patient with me as I grow and learn along the way.  Together we’ll see where this thing goes.

If you are interested in following this series, please visit my YouTube channel.  Thanks for watching.  Here’s episode #1, Paradise Hills…

Until next time…

Happy Simming


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