Prepar3D v5 More Progress

I spent several hours over the weekend downloading new installers for most of my major airport sceneries.  I learned a long time ago that it was worth the effort to keep an Excel spreadsheet of all my add-ons.  This way I know what I have and when it comes time to redownload or even update, I won’t go stir crazy in the process. 

At the present time, sceneries from Drzewiecki Design, FSDreamTeam, FlightBeam, FlyTampa, LatinVFR, ImaginSim, Orbx and UK2000 all have new and updated P3Dv5 installers.  This represents about 85+% of my add-on collection.  Once these approx. 100 items have been downloaded and installed I will be that much closer to making the move to P3Dv5 full-time. 

Just Need Aircraft

As mentioned in a previous update, the delay to truly making P3Dv5 my full-time sim will be aircraft.  While PMDG released their B747 QOTSII (see this post), I don’t fly it very much.  The PMDG 737NGxu is not only my favorite add-on airplane, it’s also my favorite and gets the most work.  I’m truly in no hurry to make the move.  Prepar3Dv4 is working like a champ and I’ve recently been flying out of Miami into the eastern and western Caribbean. 

A2A To The Rescue

This week A2A released their Cessna 172 with a P3Dv5 installer.  This has been a welcome addition for me.  As I mentioned in an earlier update, I do enjoy spending time in the near vanilla simulator just flying around low and slow.  The A2A Cessna 172 is the perfect study level GA aircraft for this task.  I’ve spent a few hours flying around the Orbx regions of the Pacific Northwest, Southern Alaska and even nearer to my own backyard the Central Rockies.  Prepar3D version 5 is showing excellent progress.

Continue as Filed

The next several days will be much the same.  Install sceneries, test, install sceneries and test some more.  I’m still heavily using P3Dv4 for my everyday flying.  But generally take 30-60 minutes each day to load up the A2A C172 for some fun. 

That’s it for now.  It’s time to begin my descent into Bozeman, Montana on a American flight out of KDFW on VATSIM.  Life is good!


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