Paradise Hills Episode Twelve

Episode twelve includes the second day of activities for game day 5.  We start off mowing, start up our sheep operation and move compost to the greenhouse site.

As we are now officially less than one week away from the release of Farming Simulator 17, I’m really starting to get excited and yes, even a bit nervous.  I plan to record FS17 from day 1, minute 1 and hope my mistakes are few and far between.  Giants has done an outstanding job promoting FS17 the past several weeks.  The information in the past few days has simply re-assured me that FS17 is MORE than just a re-skin of FS15.  I think one new changes I’m most excited about is the “Tip Anywhere” feature.  But there are so many more.  I’ll be honest and admit it’s somewhat hard to take in all the many cool changes and I’ve even forgotten some….but that will just make it even that more special when I begin digging into FS17 on Tuesday, 25 October.

As always, thanks for reading my blog and thank you for watching my videos.

Until next time…

Happy Farming!!!


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