Paradise Hills Episode Thirteen

In this episode on Paradise Hills, we deliver milk to our milk buyer and drop it off in their milkmax homogenizer.  In this episode, I discover an issue towards the end where I couldn’t figure out how to pump the milk from the homogenizer.  I figured the issue was caused by an old mod of these Kotte Universal tankers.  I’ve downloaded the correct mod and all is working.  I’ll demonstrate this in a future episode.

Before I close this post out, yesterday I watched a few FS17 preview streams.  If you’ve read some of my blog postings in the past few days you know I’ve been really excited about the release.  You also know that I’ve said that FS17 is MUCH MORE than just a copy/paste or re-issue of FS15.  After watching about 3-4 hours of FS17 preview streams, my feelings regarding the differences between FS15 and FS17 were proven to be absolutely TRUE.   Of course, I’ll a more in-depth review of FS17 once I’m able to dive into my own game play.  But if you’ve been somewhat on the fence in your decision making process, wanted to wait until FS17 comes out….etc. etc.  Why wait?  Pre-order today so you can join in on the fun on Tuesday.

Enjoy the video and Thank you for watching.


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