Paradise Hills Episode Fourteen

TGIF!  And thankfully this is the LAST Friday before the release of Farming Simulator 17.  The game play videos I’ve been watching on YouTube and Twitch have been amazing.  While haters will hate, ignore anyone who tells you that FS17 is just a carbon copy of FS15.  FS17 is very much different from the two year old FS15.  Tuesday can’t get here quick enough.

In this episode we plow and cultivate field 5 to create our new orchard.  I’ve also made some new changes to the opening slides of the video with adding royalty and YouTube safe music.  I hope you enjoy and I hope you’ll continue to watch my videos.

As this is the 14th video I’ve released on a consistent Monday – Friday schedule, I’m planning to release a new video both tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday along with new videos each day next week.  Over this upcoming weekend, I’ll most likely start the process of winding down life on Paradise Hills and FS15.  I plan to start recording content on Goldcrest Valley (FS17) on Tuesday and that will become a brand new series on my YouTube channel.  As I struggle to walk and chew gum in my older years, I probably won’t be able to juggle multiple maps, especially across multiple farming sim versions.  I have a feeling that once I start playing FS17 it would be near impossible for me to go back to FS15.  Plus I believe the Goldcrest Valley map will keep me busy until new modded maps start to become available for FS17.

Once again, thank you so much for watching my videos and your continued show of positive support to my new channel.  I really appreciate it.

Until next time…

Happy Farming!!!


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