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Just a brief blog update.  Yesterday I attended a small meet up of like-minded individuals on the topic of….(you guessed it) flight simulation.  Except the time I met with a member or two ofAmerican Virtual Airlines back in 2002/03 timeframe, I had never met with fellow flight simmers and sat around a table and discussed the subject of our hobby.

Including myself, there were eight fellow simmers who attended the meet up.  The age range was from the early thirties up to the late sixties/early seventies.  While age in this hobby certainly makes no difference, it is always good to interact with the more mature crowd. 

The experience background ranged from real-world pilots (both active and retired) as well as a young gentleman who is a flight instructor for the University of North Dakota.  I was also pleased to find there was another gentlemen who like me has no interest in learning to fly. 

The fact I have no interest in learning to fly in the real world may strike some as odd.  However, I suppose there are those who may doubt why any real world pilot (active) would spend hours sitting behind a computer flying computer planes.  The flight sim hobby is and always will mean different things to different people.  This fact was demonstrated in the meet up. 

Just another fact from the make up of the group.  About 50% of us had experience in or actively participate in VATSIM.  Two of the younger (early thirties crowd) are actually VATSIM Supervisors.  We hope to make our Spring meet up topic (scheduled for first part of March 2011) be all about the world of VATSIM.  I certainly look forward to sharing the knowledge I have with others and while doing so, pickup up a few new tid bits of knowledge along the way.

If you are located in the metro areas of Denver or Colorado Springs and interested in attending our Spring 2011 meet up, please contact me.  This group meets in Castle Rock at the public library.  If you are not in this area, please consider looking up others who share in the interest of flight simulation and start a group meet up. 

I’m working on my next blog entry which will feature a flight I made on VATSIM and will also make in the real world when I travel down to Texas in a few days.  Also, I added a new poll question asking the question, “Do you fly online”  You’ll find the poll question in the right hand column. 

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