Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011

Hello everyone and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to stop by my blog site.  The latter part of 2010 has sure been exciting for me in the flight simulator department.  This time last year flight sim wasn’t even on the radar.  While before getting involved in the hobby (August timeframe) I would often think about flight sim.  I would see my GoFlight gear sitting over in the corner of my basement office and would think to myself….one day I’m going to plug you back in and take a flight.  Thankfully that day happened in early August and by the end of August plans were in place to build the new FSX machine. 

Somewhere along the way I discovered Al’s Flight Sim Adventures Blog (now titled Clear Left).  One can say the best form of flattery is to just outright duplicate what someone else is doing.  Well….it wasn’t like that, but I was inspired by Al’s blog and Al was also friendly enough to answer a few email questions I had about getting the hobby going again.  Through Al I also met another Flight Sim blogger named Onur. Onur’s blog named “Clear Right” has also given inspiration and ideas which I have incorporated into my FS blogging style.  I’m honored to call both of these gentlemen friends.

2010 was finally the year that I accomplished a goal I had been attempting for many years.  Yes, I’m talking about my Around the World Journey.  I’ve flown around the world many times in “Big Iron”, but had never accomplished it in a single engine aircraft.  I had started many times….but always got bored with it.  This time was different.  You can read the overview of the journey in the final update here

In the blog posting just prior to this entry, I talked about “Coming Full Circle” with my return to both VATSIM and Virtual Airlines.  Neither was necessarily a goal I had when I re-entered the hobby in August…..but I’m glad I’m back. 

There is an old saying I’ve heard since childhood and it goes something like this.  What you do on New Year’s Day is likely something that you’ll do often do through out the new year.  So with that said, I got up early and departed TNCM (where I had flown to yesterday to spend the virtual new year) for KMIA.  I’m flying the American B738.  While at FL360 I’m taking a moment to wish you all a very productive 2011.  Flying and blogging about it.  Two things I hope I can enjoy often throughout the new year.  Thank you for reading.

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