Goldcrest Valley Episode One

I’m a little slow getting my new FS17 series rolling.  I spent the past two and a half days playing and recording content for the series and have really just now stopped to take the time to edit, produce, render, upload etc.  Unlike with my Paradise Hills series where I introduced each episode with a new blog post, I’m going to just start the series with this one post and have you look for future episodes directly on my YouTube channel.  So do please subscribe if you haven’t done so already.

Farming Simulator 17 is everything I had hoped it would be.  While there are still some bugs with my controllers, I’m confident Giants will fix these issues.  Mods have already started to roll in.  Some of the really “must have” mods have already been released and I’m keeping my spreadsheet current of the mods I’m finding and using in FS17.  Just look on the FS17 tab at the bottom.

In this first episode, I sort of setup the storyline and provide some brief introduction to what FS17 has to offer.  But because there is already so much content out regarding FS17 and Goldcrest Valley, I have limited what I share to just the content I feel applies to what I’m doing in this series.  Like my FS15 series, I’m a little slow in getting my audio levels set correctly.  So please bear with me.

Regarding my FS15 Paradise Hills series.  There are just two episodes remaining.  These will release on Friday and the finale on Saturday.   For now, FS17 Goldcrest Valley will release daily (Monday – Friday) usually in the morning before 8 AM MST.

Enjoy episode one, Goldcrest Valley and Farming Simulator 17.

Until next time….

Happy Farming!!!


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