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If you’re like me, when you’re not sitting down in your home cockpit flying…you want to be tuned into the flight simulator community news and happenings.  This might be through forums, message boards, Twitter or even Facebook.  By the way, you can now follow me on Twitter.  I’ve been using Twitter for a couple of years now and have created a special Twitter account specific to Flight Sim.  During the work week I will eat lunch at my desk and peruse the forums looking for answers to questions and/or trying to help others by answering their questions.

This morning as I was easing into my day with a nice hot cup of coffee and reading email and checking my Twitter feed from my iPad, I came across both an email and a tweet titled “World First for The Flight Simulator Network – Real Time Updates on your Desktop”.  Both the tweet and the email directs you to this blog post by Mark Avey.  You can read more about Mark here.  The subject of the blog post is an announcement regarding how to receive (and send) real time updates to/from The Flight Simulator Network right to your desktop.  Like Mark, I’ve been in the IT industry for almost two decades and this news story (along with the help of the strong coffee) really got me excited about the day.

Seesmic Desktop Client setup with feed from The Flight Simulator Network and Twitter

Please don’t forget to read the story here.

I’ve known about the Seesmic Desktop client for a while.  Until today, I had been a hard core user of Tweetdeck to manage my Twitter accounts (I have several).  But all this will change with the cool functionality that the Seesmic desktop client offers to help me organize my FS Twitter account and news and info from The Flight Simulator Network. 

So….if you’re a member of The Flight Simulator Network, please read this articleand setup the Seesmic Desktop client.  If you’re not a member of The Flight Simulator Network, please considerjoining this fine community.  I’m a proud member!

OK…I need to now go checkout Seesmic for iPhone and iPad. 

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