Farming Simulator 2015–First Impressions

I first purchased and played Farming Simulator 2015 (Steam version) a couple of weeks ago.  As I stated in my welcome post earlier, I’ve spent the past 30 years playing computer based flight simulation programs.  I started out on the Commodore 64 version which later became the popular Microsoft Flight Simulator and today I pretty much fly the new Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D).  Of course, it takes quite a beast of a PC to run flight sim and all the various add-ons I use for as much immersion as I can get from the software.  My setup truly is “As Real As It Gets”. 

So when I purchased, installed and began my experience with Giant’s Farm Simulator 2015 I was impressed.  Wait…actually…I was REALLY Impressed!  While I won’t tell you the software doesn’t have issues and opportunities, I will tell you that out of the box the level of detail, the level of immersion is perhaps better than I have with P3D, Orbx etc. and my PC (a pretty hefty machine) just purrs like a kitten when running Farm Simulator 2015 at the highest graphic settings available in the game.  This is very cool as it takes me many, many, many hours to get FSX or P3D setup the way I want it.  Of course, in all fairness to flight sim….P3D (even at version 2.5) is still very old in game/program standards and is lacking the flexibility of a 64-bit application.

Farming Simulator 2015 has both a 32-bit version and THANKFULLY also a 64-bit version.  As is the case with both FSX and P3D (Flight Sim), they are both 32-bit applications and are limited by how much total system RAM they can access and use.  Regardless of the amount of RAM installed in your machine, a 32-bit application will only access 4GB.  Again, regardless if you have 8, 16, 32 or more GB’s of RAM….a 32-bit application will only leverage up to 4 GB of that RAM and if it exceeds 4GB of VAS (Virtual Address Space) it will crash.  With a 64-bit application (like Farming Simulator 2015), it is not restricted to just 4 GB of RAM.  It can (and will) stretch its legs out and a system with 8, 16 or more GB of RAM will work well.  Now what I don’t yet know about Farming Simulator is whether it utilizes more of the GPU or CPU.  Perhaps it load balances, but FSX and P3D are both very much CPU intensive.  Which means even if you throw down the cold, hard cash and put a 3-4GB video card in the system, FSX/P3D will still hammer the CPU and barely touch the GPU.  OK enough about Flight Sim.

As I stated, I’m truly impressed with the experience of Farming Simulator 2015.  What separates a game from a true simulation is the immersion factor and I feel the level of immersion is very high with Farming Simulator 2015.  The landscape, the equipment, the crops….the stalks of barley and wheat look amazing.  To get to this level with flight sim you must spend a few hundred dollars on add-on scenery.  With Farming Simulator 2015, this comes out-of-the-box.  Awesome….

Regarding tractors, trucks and other machinery….well they are simply beautiful.  At the present time, the amount of DLC (payware add-ons is somewhat limited), but this isn’t an issue as the default or in-game equipment looks stunning.  Also, after a few hours of field work the equipment will get dirty and muddy.  Not to worry, a few minutes with a pressure washer (available as a placeable object) and they equipment looks like it did when brand new. 

As time goes by, I’ll provide more content along with some screen captures showing my farm adventures.  In the mean time, if you think you might be interested in doing a little farm simulation of your own.  Then please check out the official Farming Simulator website and also this extremely helpful Gaming Guide website which provides very detailed explanations into how to get started with your very own virtual farm.

Until next time..

Happy Farming!!!


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