Cattle and Crops–I’m a backer

It didn’t really take long.  By Friday evening I had pretty much decided that I would sign up and support the Cattle and Crops Kickstarter campaign.  I guess it was a combination of several things.  First, as I stated earlier in the week….Cattle and Crops caught my attention from the very first minute I learned about them.  Second, the gameplay trailer they released on Friday convinced me this was more than vaporware and third…I guess I didn’t want to be the “odd-man” out come Spring 2017 when they plan to release an early access version.  Anyway, I pledged the $49 dollar level which includes the Season Pass for 1 year.  After more research (and some viewer feedback) I determined the season pass wasn’t a “Pay for play” scheme, but just another way of marketing and packaging DLC.  Bottom line is I’m excited.

The Kickstarter campaign (as of Saturday, 1 October) has 1,340 backers and has raised $68,178 towards their goal of $84,298.  With just over $16,000 to go, I have no doubt this Kickstarter campaign will be funded.  While I’ve backed other projects via Kickstarter campaigns, this will be the first software project I’ve participated in.  I’ll be sure to post updates as more news is made available and of course I’ll provide a full review of the early access version once it has been made available sometime in the Spring of 2017.

If you want more information on the Cattle and Crops Kickstarter campaign, please visit their Kickstarter website.  Additionally, I also invite you to join the PC-SG Simulation Gaming Community.  We’ve already started conversations regarding Cattle and Crops and invite you to join in.

Until next time…

Happy Farming!!!


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