Black Rock Valley–Twitch Preview This Weekend

A few weeks ago I blogged about a new map “Coming Soon and I’m Excited”.  Yes, I’m talking about Black Rock Valley and if you haven’t heard about Black Rock Valley, please take a minute to visit this Facebook page.  From the Facebook page you can see screen captures documenting the many weeks which went into creating this beautiful new map.  And YES….this new Black Rock Valley is from the same developer who created the wonderful Ringwoods which I have been playing on for a few months.  While a picture is worth a thousands words…if you catch one of myTwitch Live Streams this weekend, I will be previewing (and helping to test) this brand new Black Rock Valley map prior to the release to the general public.

However, please understand that during my Twitch live streams, bugs, glitches, gotchas etc. “might” be discovered.  I will make note of any of these little critters and communicate them back to Stevie.  In addition, I will most likely load up my available cash so I can afford to purchase all the fields so I can get crops planted, growing, harvested, stored, sold etc. to thoroughly test this map.  Once testing is complete and Stevie releases this map, I will start over and play it the way it is designed to be played.

Please visit my Twitch page and follow.  By following me on Twitch, you’ll receive an email notification when I go live and can then join the live stream.

Until next time…

Happy Farming!!!


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