American Truck Simulator–Progress Week Three

Can you believe it?  ATS was released to the general public only three weeks ago today.  It does feel longer, but here’s my American Truck Simulator – Progress Week Three blog post.  Yes, it’s been another busy week for my small (but growing) trucking company.  My progress report of last week I mentioned I had opened a third garage in Las Vegas.  Well this week I did borrow $400,000 so that I could purchase three new trucks and hire three new drivers.  During this week of activity, my drivers in my HQ garage in LA and my second garage in San Diego have really been earning some money.  I was able to quickly pay off the $400K loan, I also was able to earn enough this week to upgrade the LA garage to five slots, purchase two new trucks (one a highly custom Kenworth W900) and hire two new drivers.

So as it stands today, I still have three garages (LA, SD and LV), own 11 trucks and employ 10 drivers.  My next step will be to upgrade the San Diego garage, buy two new trucks and hire two new drivers.  Then I’ll likely do the same with the Vegas operation.   But these will all be cash transactions.

I did grow a bit bored with my Mt. Rushmore themed truck.  So I had my trusty Peterbilt repainted with this nice American Bison theme.  I also believe I upgraded my wheels and added the bull bar grill this week as well.

Also, as I mentioned in the first paragraph…I did purchase a highly custom Kenworth W900 a few days ago.  I’ll likely alternate between the Peterbilt 579 and the Kenworth W900.  The new KW900 is sweet and I’m looking forward to taking her out on a coast to coast run sometime real soon.

Finally, I’ve experienced some graphic card issues in the past few weeks.  My current GPU is the GTX 780Ti (3GB model).  I’ve really been suffering some frame rate (FPS) issues while driving in the cities.  FPS rates can easily drop into the low 20’s and sometimes in the teens.  When this happens it’s much like watching a slide show.  It’s annoying and I’ve been doing my best to resolve the issues.  To be honest, I don’t have any issues with Farming Simulator 2015 or GTA5.  Both of these games hold a 60+ FPS rate regardless of what is going on.  But both ATS and ETS2 suffer.  Now I know comparing ATS/ETS2 to FS15 (or GTA5) is like comparing an apple to an orange…but I really believe my 780Ti should perform better than it does.

Having said all that, I have been looking at the GTX 980Ti for some time.  I finally took the plunge and will be installing that beast of a GPU in my system early this week.  I truly hope to report solid FPS rates with little to no compromise in the quality settings.


Here are my current stats for American Truck Simulator

Level 24

Total Driven Distance – 57,916

Total Driven Distance (On Duty) – 54,598

Total Free Roam Distance – 3,317

Roads Explored – 68.04% (No, I didn’t start over.  I installed the coast-to-coast map)

Deliveries Finished – 97

Deliveries Cancelled – 0

Total Game Time Spent – 100 Days, 22 Hours

Play time – 56 Hours

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Until next time…

Happy Trucking!!!


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