AI Controlled Vehicles–Cattle and Crops

The talented people over at Cattle and Crops have released a new video showcasing AI Controlled Vehicles.  Of course, AI controlled vehicles are nothing new in the world of simulation gaming.  Even in the “Farming” genre we have had AI vehicles for some time.  We of course also have AI controlled workers either through the default game play or through mods such as CoursePlay, AutoCombine etc.  These AI workers (and their equipment) must be very closely managed and we must also hold their hand to get them started in whatever task we need them to do.

Even when I first started playing FS15, I thought it would a great feature to be able to hire a worker and without driving the piece of equipment to the field and then having them start the task, just be able to say “Hired Worker Fred” go to field 5 and plow it.  Then Fred would drive his tractor and necessary equipment (all by himself) to the field and begin his work.  In the short video below (released from CnC on 21 October) they demonstrate just what we’ve been longing for.

I hope you enjoy!


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