Where’s Jerry?

Well…let’s see.  The last time some of you heard from me was just before my wife and I embarked on our three week European vacation.  This was back in mid-July.  That seems like it was ages ago…and I suppose it was. 

The trip was mostly uneventful.  I say mostly…only because both my wife and I got sick during the trip and we had to change our plans as a result.  We spent the first several days recuperating and then the heatwave hit.  Needless to say it was HOT!  We were in England on the hottest day of record and it was miserable. 

On our flight home, we both were just ready to put it all behind us.  After all, 2019 hasn’t been the best our best year.  Shortly after the new year, my Mother-in-law passed away and then in April my own mom died.  This vacation was supposed to be a time for my wife and I to relax and it was anything but.  But as I said, we were on our way home and as the old saying goes…”There’s no place like home”.

After arriving home we found we had a leak in the upstairs master bathroom that had ruined the ceiling in the kitchen.  For the next several weeks our house resembled something out of the movie Outbreak.  I half expected Dustin Hoffman to come walking out.  We had a giant containment room setup in the kitchen with loud fans and air scrubbers running for 5 days and then the entire downstairs ceiling had to be repainted. 



To cap it all off, our upstairs AC decided to stop working and this resulted in about a week of learning to sleep in warm temperatures which just reminded us of the England trip. 

Fortunately, things are slowly starting to come together.  We managed to make it through the long Labor Day holiday weekend without any major issue and we’re both looking forward to fall. 

I’m sorry I’ve been mostly absent from discord and social media. Needless to say…I’ve just not really been in the mood.  I will try to change this in time. 

Thanks for reading.  Talk soon…



  1. Sorry to hear this grizzlybearsims wish you better luck in the near future

  2. Northernfarmer0450
    September 11, 2019 - 4:37 pm

    it will only get better from here bud

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