Trucker’s Logbook #6

For this edition of Trucker’s Logbook, we’re staying in American Truck Simulator and picking up where we left off in Trucker’s Logbook #5 down in Miami, Florida.  Not wanting to stick around Miami any longer than we need to, (hurricanes, alligators and really BIG SNAKES) we quickly contacted our dispatch team and managed to find a load of Miller Lite that needed to be hauled up to Raleigh, NC.  The job is only going to pay $20,065…but as we have over $650,000 in the bank…it really doesn’t matter.  Of course, we running the Coast-to-Coast ATS map mod by Mantrid.  This is version 1.5 which now includes I-10 from LA to Jacksonville and I-95 from Miami up the east coast.  This 1.5 update also includes a portion of I-35 and I-45 which I’m hoping to discover as I make my way back to California.

As I previously indicated at the end of Trucker’s Logbook #5, it was my hope to haul a load of just about anything (except alligators and really BIG SNAKES) up the east coast.  While I’m out here on the right side of the country, I’d like to go ahead and explore I-95.  Not sure if I can find routes all the way up to NY or Boston, but going to give it a try.  But one step at a time.

We’ve arrived at the trailer pickup point on Sunday, just after 6 AM.

The fog is thick as we head north along I-95 between Miami and Jacksonville, Florida.

The fog has burned off, but still cloudy as we hammer down to the Georgia state line.

Hello North Carolina….Not far now.

Rolling into Raleigh, NC.

Another on-time delivery.

Unfortunately, we backed into a hidden object when making our delivery.  I checked the forums and it had already been reported and acknowledged to be repaired in the next release.

From here I plan to make my way back towards California.  But I am looking to pickup a delivery that will either take me to Oklahoma City or San Antonio where I can drive between these two cities on I-35.  I’ve driven this stretch of I-35 many, many times and while I know it’s not depicted with any accuracy on Mantrid’s Coast-to-Coast map, I still want to drive it.

Until next time…

Happy Trucking!!!


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