Vehicle Group Switcher Mod (VeGS)

As you progress with your farming adventures, you are most likely to accumulate more and more tractors, combines, trucks etc.  (basically drivable vehicles). Moving yourself from vehicle to vehicle can of course be done by exiting one vehicle and walking over and entering the next.  Or you can take the faster approach by using either the Tab key on your keyboard or whatever button/switch you have mapped on your favorite joystick/controller.  Tabbing from one vehicle to another vehicle is both quick and efficient when you just have a small handful of drivable vehicles.  But as I previously stated, as you continue to grow your farming empire so goes the need of growing your fleet.  This of course is a good problem to have…

As I’ve been farming on the Ringwoods Map (version 1.71) the past several weeks, I’ve reached a point where my available cash on hand is quite substantial and I can afford just about any piece of equipment I desire.  I’ll share my secret (not really a secret) to getting rich in a future blog article.  Ringwoods is a good map to really earn a lot of dough quickly if you desire.  Anyway, I own a number of tractors, combines, trucks and using the tab method of moving from vehicle to vehicle was causing me to spend way more time cycling through vehicles than I cared to spend.  But is there a better way?


Yes my farming friends, there is a mod for that!  It’s called Vehicle Group Switcher (VeGS).  You can download VeGS from the FS-UK site.  At the time of this writing, the VeGS Mod is at version 2.0.6.  VeGS installs like any other mod.  Just download and place the zipped file directly into your Mods folder.  Complete instructions are available on the VeGS mod page on the FS-UK site.

In a nutshell, once you download the VeGS mod and install it into your mods folder, the next time you startup Farming Simulator 2015 go to any vehicle and click Left Ctrl E.  If your airplane starts you are in the wrong sim  Smile DOH!!!!! Anyway, Ctrl E places VeGS into edit mode.  From this edit mode you are able to move each vehicle into one of 10 available (and customizable) groups.  As you can see from the image below, I’ve customized my group names (when in edit mode, press and hold Ctrl and the group number until you see a text box where you can type the custom name you desire to use) by Small Tractors, Medium Tractors, Large Tractors, Combines, Telehandler/Wheel Loaders, Trucks and a final group called Forestry.  Once you have your fleet organized the way you like it, click Left Ctrl E to leave edit mode. I would recommend you do a quick save in FS2015 as this will write the changes to your saved game folder.


After you have your fleet setup, you can easily switch from vehicle to vehicle by clicking left Ctrl and the group number to cycle through those items.  The left Ctrl button will bring up this HUD (example from the above image)  To make things easier for me, I printed the image above and have it nearby my controls.  Eventually I’ll remember the groupings…but until then it serves as a handy cheat-sheet.

Again, make sure you read all the instructions on the mod page and enjoy.  While I’ve accumulated many wonderful mods that I simply could not live without, I’ve got to say that VeGS is in the top 5 (perhaps even the top 3) most relied upon mods I have in my mods folder.  Check it out for yourself and enjoy!

Until next time…

Happy Farming!!!



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