A Busy Summer

I suppose I should never underestimate just how busy the summer months can be for me.  The summer of 2016 has been no exception.  While the US Labor Day holiday is officially behind us, and Labor Day is somewhat the official end of summer. I’m not 100% sure when things will slow down for me.

Since returning from our European vacation, I’ve been busy with business related travels and other projects.  I did find some time over this past long weekend to enjoy some Farm Sim 15.  I’m still farming on the Sosnovka map which was part of the FS15 Gold expansion pack.  I figure I’ll continue with this map until Farming Simulator 17 is released.  Speaking of FS17, I did pre-order a few months ago.  I received an email from Steam which enticed me to pre-order to receive the Challenger MT700E Field Viper and the Valtra T-Series Cow Edition.  (see below).  I figured I would give FS17 a shot and didn’t want to miss out on these two free tractors.


The release date of FS17 is still over a month away (releases 25 October 2016) and while I’ve watched a few YouTube trailer videos, I’m still not 100% sure if we’re going to see anything that different between FS17 and the current FS15.  Sure, FS17 will feature two new crops (sunflowers and soybeans) and one new animal type (pigs).  But those of us who play FS15 on the PC platform have had those and more through the wonderful world of mods.  Of course, the really big news with FS17 is now console players will get access to mods.

Here are a couple of YouTube videos showcasing FS17.  But the big question I have regarding these videos.  Are these actual game play or still CGI teasers?


While I didn’t own FS13, the move from FS15 to FS17 will be a new experience for me.  Things like how long it takes for the mod developers to catch up will be a topic I’m keen on following.  For example, Courseplay is one of my must-have listed mods.  FS17 won’t be complete until Courseplay has been made available.  Will the FS15 version (4.01) work in FS17?  At one point I heard the Courseplay developers were on hiatus.  Does anyone know if they are once again active?

Finally, I’m somewhat surprised the YouTube channel for Cattle and Crops has not been very active in recent weeks.  With Giants releasing videos every few weeks (and less than two months to release) I would think Cattle and Crops would also be keeping us excited.  But looks like the last video from Cattle and Crops was over 3 months ago.

I guess we’ll just need to wait and see….

Until next time…



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