Switching Gears, Making Plans and Simply Safe Mods

First, THANK YOU!  Thank you for taking the time to read this posting.  Perhaps you’ve come here from my brief YouTube announcement, from a posting in Discord or you just simply stumbled onto my blog site.  Whatever the reason….I truly appreciate you taking the time from your busy day to read this important message. 

Getting to the Point!

I realize I have a tendency of using 10,000 words when perhaps less than 100 will do the job.  So with that, I’m switching gears and making plans with regards to my gaming social media life.  For the time being, I’m stepping back from the creation of “Let’s Play” videos from my GrizzlyBearSims YouTube channel.  I believe this news has truly been a long time coming. 

For the past year, I’ve struggled with the creative motivation needed to keep my channel current.  I’ve taken lengthy breaks in an effort to recharge my batteries, but once I restart I once again hit the brick wall called burnout.  Unfortunately, with my heavy work schedule and other life commitments, the stop/start would only continue to stop…then start. 

Don’t Touch That Dial!

Please Don’t Unfriend/Unfollow Me Just Yet!  I’m going to make some changes to both my Discord channel and eventually my YouTube channel.  These changes will be a rebranding effort to support SimplySafeMods.com.  What?  You haven’t heard about SimplySafeMods?


If you’ve been around my YouTube, Discord and this blog site for very long, you know my thoughts on some mod sites.  I wrote an article a few years ago where I identified a few “reputable mod sites for Farming Simulator Mods”.  Unfortunately for all of us, several of the sites I listed as “reputable” are no longer around.  This includes PC-SG, FS-UK and Mod Central. I created SimplySafeMods.com in an effort to offer a safe, reliable, fast and absolutely free alternative to the scam mod sites such as uploaded.net. 

At SimplySafeMods.com we work directly with the original mod author so you can be absolutely sure the mod you download is genuine.  In addition, SimplySafeMods is 100% ad-free and offer fast download speeds. 

At the present time, SimplySafeMods is hosting both Farming Simulator 17 and Farming Simulator 19 mods.  Please take a few minutes and visit the site and browse our selection of mods.  You might be surprised at just what you’ll find available with some truly awesome new mods coming very soon.

Rebranding Plan

The first thing you’ll notice change is with Discord.  The GrizzlyBearSims Discord channel will be rebranded to become SimplySafeMods.  I want a method for both mod developers and the users of their mods to have a way to communicate with each other in an effort to provide reasonable support.  Discord is a much better solution than a clunky forum. 

Finally, I will eventually rebrand my YouTube presence to also reflect SimplySafeMods.  I believe YouTube can be used to help promote SimplySafeMods as well as be a platform to host mod reviews etc. 

This is not goodbye

I have zero regrets about the time I’ve spent making YouTube content.  I’ve met some really incredible individuals who have become dear friends to me.  This is just about shifting gears and focusing on a new project.  I will continue to be around Discord and will continue to watch all the great content from those of you producing it. 

Before you go, please do me a favor.  First, visit and join my Discord channel and say hello.  Second, visit and bookmark SimplySafeMods.com.  Browse the FS17/FS19 mods and see if anything interests you.  Then stay tuned to both Discord and SimplySafeMods for new mod releases. 

As always, thank you for your friendship.



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