A Grizzly Confusion

Geez…sometimes you have to wonder if all this is really worth it……

It’s been brought to my attention that someone using the name or handle of GrizzlyMan has been doing some pretty despicable things with various Farming Simulator mods (including maps) and re-uploading them to various mod hosting sites including modhub.  One specific example has to do with the Hobbs Farm map.  Grizzlyman made some edits, created lots of errors and then re-uploaded Hobbs Farm (calling it Texas Dedication of Hobbs Farm) to modhub.

One of my viewers contacted me about this and wanted to bring it to my attention.  Note:  My viewer DID NOT accuse me (GrizzlyBearSims) and GrizzlyMan as being one in the same person.  He was simply bringing this to my attention and simply mentioned some could get confused.  Especially since I’m originally from Texas and proud of it.

My internet persona or identity is GrizzlyBearSims.  With exception to just a few forums where where I may go by FarmingSimJT, my YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, PC-SG, 3DudesGN and of course my own website/blog site are all branded as GrizzlyBearSims.  While I’m not opposed to having my real identity revealed…I prefer to just do everything related to my simulation gaming hobby handled under my branded name of GrizzlyBearSims.

Of course, those who know me…know that I rarely do any modding and again….those who really know the real me, also know that I would never sink to the levels of those who steal from our modding community and violate their wishes by uploading to these dreadful websites.  In addition, while I’ve heard about the Hobbs Farm map, I’ve never downloaded it, never installed it and have never played it.  The only connection I have with the Hobbs Farm map is to be a member of the Hobbs Farm Facebook community.

I don’t know who GrizzlyMan is (also goes by Grandpa Grizzly) and truth be known, I don’t care to know him.  I (Jerry) do not have any sort of trademark or exclusive use to the word “Grizzly”, but I could see where someone might confuse the two of us.

Anyway….I just wanted to write something stating my case and placing it into the interwebz so hopefully there will no confusion going forward.

Until next time….

Happy Simming and thanks for reading!!!


Coming Soon and I’m Excited

Happy Saturday Everyone…Just a quick and out of cycle blog posting for your reading enjoyment.

I absolutely fell in love with Ringwoods Farm map I’m currently playing.  I’ve spent hours and hours and even more hours playing this wonderful map.  While I’m looking at the possibility of starting another map soon (perhaps States V6 if I can figure out the whole soil mod thing) but I absolutely can’t wait for the release of Black Rock Valley.  Black Rock Valley is currently in development and is being created by the same individual who created Ringwoods.  Yes I’m talking about the very talented and extremely busy Stevie.

I’ve had the fortunate pleasure to get to know Stevie through both this blog and his new Facebook page where he posts almost daily status updates on the new map.  I’ve also downloaded and incorporated many of his mods into my farming empire.  Everything I’ve downloaded, installed and used just simply works.  No fuss, No mess and NO ERRORS!  This guy is truly an asset to our Farming Simulator Community.  As a matter of fact, when I’m in the need of a modded piece of equipment, I first check Stevie’s extensive collection of mods hosted on the Modhub websitebefore I look anywhere else.  They are just that good!

Again, I’m really excited about his new Black Rock Valley.  I invite you to follow along with his development process via his Facebook page.  At the present date/time he’s been working on the new map for about 12-15 days.  He’s really made much progress, but I also know he has many, many more hours to go before he’s ready to release it.  Just enjoy the almost daily progress postings on his Facebook page and get ready to have some farming fun once Black Rock Valley is ready for prime time.

Until next time…

Happy Farming!!!



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