Logitech G27 First Impressions

g27 Racing Wheel Glamour Image LGThe invention of the wheel (circa 3500 BC) was an incredible turning point in the history of civilization.  The edition of the Logitech G27 setup has also been just as incredible with regards to my game play with Euro Truck Simulator 2.  As I had previously mentioned in this blog post, I recently ordered the Logitech G27 steering wheel and TrackIR both arrived from Amazon and I wasted no time in getting the G27 setup.  As I had used the Logitech Xbox type controller (F310) for several weeks accumulating over 30,000 km driven, 35 deliveries, over 35 real hours playing the game spanning some 59 virtual game days….I wanted to first get used to the G27 controls before I installed and started using the TrackIR.


The unboxing, install/setup of the G27 was quick and easy.  If you don’t already own a Logitech device, you’ll want to make sure you install the Logitech software available here.    I also found this YouTube video to be extremely helpful and saved time in getting everything setup and working as intended.  The G27 requires one USB connection to your gaming PC and requires a connection to AC power (via the supplied AC power adapter).  The accelerator/brake/clutch along with the gear shift console all plug into the base of the wheel.  Once you get all the cables connected, the wheel and gear shifter consoles then clamp down to the desk surface.  The setup in ETS2 couldn’t be easier.  Refer to the YouTube video I mentioned earlier.

While I certainly enjoy the extra immersion factor this setup provides, the main benefit I’ve found is much smoother drive/steering control than what I had experienced on the Logitech Xbox type controller I had been using.  With the Logitech F310 controller, I would steer with my left thumb but found the act of turning was not natural in look and feel and very choppy.  With the G27, the action of turning is smooth and the same experience as in driving any vehicle (car, truck etc.).

The great thing about the G27 are all the programmable buttons.  I’m using the right/left paddle shifters to control right/left turn signals and have programmed the smaller buttons on the steering wheel to handle cruise control functions.  Finally I’ve setup the many buttons on the gear shift device to handle other frequently used options such as headlights, wipers etc.

I’m also enjoying the manual shifting options this setup allows.  Again the immersion factor this setup provides to the simulation is fantastic.  As I’ve previously held a class A CDL (commercial drivers license) and have driven large trucks, I can say that while the G27 shifting setup is not that of a large diesel truck…it is the best setup for the price.  Of course, you can also setup ETS2 for automatic transmission driving.

Again, I plan to spend a little more time with the G27 setup before I introduce my new TrackIR.  I’m also looking forward to configuring the G27 with Farming Simulator 2015 as well.

If you have been thinking about adding a steering wheel controller to your ETS2 game play, the Logitech G27 is a great choice and I believe you’ll enjoy it.

Until next time…

Happy Trucking!!!


Logitech G27 and TrackIR

g27 Racing Wheel Glamour Image LG

I recently pulled the trigger on a new Logitech G27 racing wheel and TrackIR setup to enhance my all-around game play.  While I realize only a few days ago I blogged about and discussed the possibility of ordering the new Saitek Farming Simulator Hardware, I thought about it….I thought about it some more and in the mean time I also started to really enjoy Euro Truck Simulator 2 (and am looking forward to the release of American Truck Simulator) so I believe my best interest is served in going with the Logitech G27 which can be used for multiple game titles.  The Saitek Farming Sim hardware only will function with Farming Simulator.



TrackIR 5


In addition to the G27 steering wheel setup, I also purchased a TrackIR.  To be honest I’ve never really felt the need to purchase the TrackIR head tracking hardware.  While I’ve played FSX/P3D extensively over the years, I could always get by using they top-hat button on my yoke to move my camera view around the virtual cockpit.  I figured that was good enough.  However, as I spend more time playing ETS2 and look forward to ATS, I figure it is time I give the TrackIR a try. 



Both the Logitech G27 and TrackIR will arrive sometime tomorrow.  I will most likely get the G27 setup first and see how that goes.  Once I get it configured to work with ETS2 and Farming Simulator 2015, I’ll proceed to setting up the TrackIR for ETS2.  While there is a mod available which allows for TrackIR to function with Farming Simulator 2015, I am not sure I’ll even try it.  While I have no issue driving a truck in ETS2 from inside the cab (first person view) I can’t for the life of me do it in FS2015.  I blame it on the poor mirror setup in FS2015.  They really need to work on that.

Anyway…I’ll be sure to return to my blog site and tell you all about my experiences (good/bad and in-between) with my new toys. 

Until next time…

Happy Simming!!!



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