New Experiences Down on the Farm

I’ve been computer farming with Farming Simulator 2015 for a few months now.  During all this time I’ve only ever grown and harvested the default plant types of wheat, barley, canola, corn (both for selling in the shops and for silage production) along with potatoes and sugar beets.  I recently began farming on the brand new Ringwoods Final v1.8 map created by the very talented Stevie.  I had spent almost a month on his v1.7 but that map still only allowed the default type grains and fruits.  This new Ringwoods v1.8 includes sunflower, soybean, oats, sorghum and cotton.  Check out the latest update with version 1.81 available here.

Starting over with a cash injection to cover purchasing new equipment and all the fields I owned in v1.7, I began planting my crops on the new v1.8 map.  I started with the basics of wheat, barley and canola.  I then planted the field closest to the BGA with corn.  I planned to split the harvest between the BGA bunkers and the bunker at the south farm location.  This would allow me to get a jump on silage production for my dairy cattle.  Of course I also needed some of the straw from the first harvest of either wheat or barley.  Going into multi-task mode, I also managed to mow, tedder, rake and collect the loose hay again with the goal of jump starting my total mixed rations (TMR) production.  Once the first crops were ready to harvest I was up early to make a good start in getting it all done.  The hard work paid off, the dairy cattle are performing at 110%.

Next I set out to do some experimentation with the new fruit types I have the ability to plant and grow on this new map.  I planted a small field in cotton and sunflower to start off with.  I’m really looking forward to harvesting the cotton.  In real life I drive from Colorado to Texas to visit family.  Cotton is grown in much of the panhandle and far northwest Texas region.  Generally on both sides of the road and as far as one can see are cotton plants.  Depending on the time of year we visit, you can also see the large bales of cotton sitting around.  In addition, the area is covered in loose pieces of cotton.  It’s all very cool to see.


Harvesting the new cotton crop with the New Holland CR10.90

I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to go about harvesting the new fields I planted in cotton and sunflower.  But I quickly found out all I needed was my trusty New Holland Combine and the 9m header I use for corn.  This header will also work for sorghum and soybeans.  Of course, the oats will be done with the same header I use for the grains (wheat, barley, canola).  Having the ability to harvest all these new fruits is keeping me busy and I’m enjoying the variety.  I’ve dedicated the jumbo sized fields of 8 to wheat, 15 to canola and 16/17 to barley.  I’m then growing the new fruit types of cotton, sorghum, sunflower, soybean and oats on the smaller fields throughout the map.


Early morning sunrise down on Jerry’s Farm.  This field of sunflowers will be ready to harvest soon.

If you are interested in growing something other than wheat, barley, canola etc.  Check out the Ringwoods Farm map and try your hand at these new opportunities.

Until next time…

Happy Farming!!!



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