Welcome to Jerry’s Farm

As the subject line reads, Welcome to my farm.  My name is Jerry!  As a relatively new-comer to the world of Farm Simulator (coming on-board with 2015 version) I’m not new to simulation type games/programs.  I’ve been flying computer based sims since the early 1980’s.  If you are interested in the flight simulation hobby, then please check out my “Position and Hold” flight sim blog site. 

As I stated, I’ve been flying computer based sims for over 30 years and to be honest, I wanted a little variety in my computer gaming experience but don’t necessarily enjoy first person style shooting games.  While I have no real world experience with farming, I did spend four years of my high school time (Freshman to Senior) year taking Ag/Shop classes and was a member of the Future Farmers of America (Texas).  Of course, I also have no real world aviation experience either (not a real world pilot) so I guess as qualifications go, I’m actually more qualified to run a farm than I am to fly an airplane.  But I digress…

As this is the first post, I’m really not sure exactly the direction I’m going to take this blog.  With the flight sim blog, I use it to both showcase my adventures in the flight simulation hobby and also spend a great deal of time teaching and helping others.  While I’m not opposed to using this site to help others, I think for now my blog posts will be more about my overall initial experience with the game and just take it from there.  But what I will eventually do is add a section on my computer hardware and also list the in-game add-ons and mods I’m using in my day-to-day farming adventures.

In closing (just for this welcome message post), while I’ll never consider myself an expert in the flight simulation community, I’m very much a noob with regards to farming.  However, with just about anything in life…the more you participate…the more you experience…the more knowledge you gain.  Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time…

Happy Farming!!!



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