A Farmer’s Life–Introduction

I would truly love to have both the talent and time to do more YouTube and/or Twitch video content.  While my time is rather limited, I also find it really difficult to fill the space of 45-60 minutes of excellent content AND most importantly attempt to do something (anything) others may not already be doing.  That’s the thing really…just about all the popular maps are being covered by more than one YouTuber and Twitch Streamer.  They are planting, they are harvesting, they are tending to the cows and they are washing the vehicles.  While some don’t take the same approach and effort in “Realisim through Simulation” they all have their audience.  The good news for me is the website visits, the number of RSS subscribers etc. all continue to rise.  This tells me there are individuals who enjoy blog style content based on many of the simulation games I play and the discussions I have about them. 

At the present time, I’m spending much of my gaming time playing Farming Simulator 15.  I’m really enjoying it now that I have both my Logitech G27 and Logitech Joystick configured.  I recorded a short video on how I accomplished this.

Anyway, at the present time I’m farming on three different maps (soon to be four).  Graceland is getting the most attention, followed by Coldborough Park Farm and finally as I was somewhat late in purchasing the FS15 Gold Expansion…I’m also spending a little bit of time playing Sosnovka.  Of the three maps Giants have produced for FS15 (Bjornholm, Westbridge Hills and Sosnovka), the Sosnovka map is by far the most impressive from a vanilla map.  This gives me some hope…that FS17 will feature better maps as well.  At least I sincerly hope FS17 will include different vanilla maps and not just recycle the same old ones.  But I’m getting off track…The fourth map is a brand new release called Smokedown Farm.  Much of this map game play will be done in a multiplayer environment. 

What I will occassionally do, is release blog posts titled “A Farmer’s Life” documenting through text and images some of the activities I’m doing on the various FS15 maps I’m playing.  I’ll share the mods I’m using, why I’m using them and even how I’m using them to improve my game play all while doing my best to preserve “Realism through Simulation”.

Ok, well that’s enough for today.  

Until next time…

Happy Farming!!!



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