Practical Soilmod Workflow Part 1

I recently blogged about and provided some general information on the wonderful soilmod mod for Farming Simulator 15.  That blog post provides a general overview of how soilmod works and most importantly how it changes the entire game play.  I’ve spent many hours reading as much information as I can and watching a few hours of YouTube content.  While I started to gain a simple understanding of soilmod, I had to actually commit to using it to fully understand how to develop my own process and overall workflow.

Of the several hours of YouTube videos I watched, one thing I really couldn’t find was a simple and practical step-by-step process.  Most of my favorite FS15 YouTubers have awesome videos demostrating the soilmod, but they are also doing many other things in the video and don’t really take the time to explain their workflow.

If you are new to soilmod, understand that my process and workflow may not work for you.  But I wanted to take the time to document it and provide it to anyone wanting to get more from the farming simulator experience.  The soilmod is awesome and if you truly want to take FS15 to the next level (and you play on PC) then give it a try.  I think you’ll enjoy it!

Now for my video.  This first video will be the longest of the series and includes a general overview of the differences between game play without and with the soilmod.  I then discuss my own personal workflow for how I plan, prepare and plant my crops when using soilmod.

During the video, I reference a spreadsheet tool and my own process workflow document to help me keep track of each fields lifecycle from field prep, planting, fertilizer, herbicide and water application through the final harvest.   Links to these documents are listed below the video window.


Calculation Tool for Soilmod (version 2.0.2)  This is the spreadsheet tool I demonstrated during the video.  This spreadsheet will function in Microsoft Excel and Apache Open Office.  Apache Open Office is open-source and free for personal use.

I’ve developed my own workflow checklist which I also demonstrated during the video.  As this document is my work, you are free to download and customize how ever you see fit.

While I think it is safe to say the soilmod is not for everyone.  However, if you are looking to take your farm simulation to the next level…I I hope you’ll try the soilmod.  Give it a solid go, have fun and learn from the experience.  You may not experience high crop yield immediately, but keep at it.  I truly believe you’ll appreciate Farming Simulator 15 much, much more with Soilmod.

Please return again tomorrow for part 2 where I review the soil conditions and action plan after the harvest.

Until next time…

Go Use the Soilmod and have fun!


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