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If you’re like me, you desire to participate in internet forums or communities along with likeminded individuals for the sole purpose of learning, sharing knowledge or for just good ole camaraderie with good people.  While there are communities just for the farming folks, or for the truckers…there are very few which are geared towards all things simulation gaming.  And let’s be honest, if you truly enjoy simulation based gaming…you more than likely are farming, you are trucking, you may also be flying, driving a train, a bus…etc.  Of course, another issue with some online communities has to do with their heavy handed moderation tactics which in my opinion just says “UNFRIENDLY”.  As I’ve become older, I’ve found I have very little time for these types of places and tend to avoid them like the plague.  But…there is a place that is different.

Please allow me a few minutes to share with all my readers of the GrizzlyBearSims Blog, a wonderful community which is dedicated to all things simulation.  The community is called PC-SG.  The PC-SG site is managed by a wonderful individual named Stuart who is based in the UK.  I first learned about PC-SG last summer as Stuart was launching the community.  Stuart asked me if I would be interested in joining and helping him with some moderation duties and writing content.  I gladly accepted and really enjoyed my time assisting.  Unfortunately, I had to take a few months away due to personal reasons…but returned to PC-SG and have also resumed my staff duties as well.  I’m truly honored Stuart kept my seat warm during my absence.

I truly believe PC-SG is a different kind of community, built and designed for a different breed of gamer.  Stuart himself is an avid simulation gamer and passionate about helping others.  After all, he created PC-SG just for the sole purpose of bringing like minded individuals together who enjoy simulation based gaming and want an online place to call home.  At PC-SG you’ll find others who share your enthusiasm and interest in simulation games including Flight Simulator, Train Simulator, Farming Simulator, Truck Simulator and more.  At PC-SG you’ll also find extremely talented individuals who have taken their love of simulation games and combined it with their creativity to produce some of the best mods on the internet.

I think I can speak for Stuart when I say, we want and need others who share our level of passion and enthusiasm.  If you enjoy PC Simulation Gaming and looking for others who also share your same interests, then head over to PC-SG and register for an account.  Then…stop by the forums and introduce yourself.

Thank you for your time and I’ll see you at PC-SG.

Have a great weekend!


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