Paradise Hills Episode Two

I’m really having fun recording my Farming Simulator 15 game play and making it available to whomever would like to watch.  Likewise, I’m also learning a lot as well.  First, I realize my voice audio is low.  I will correct this, but unfortunately because I’ve recorded several episodes the adjustment won’t be noticed until around episode five.  I’ve made an additional adjustment for episode seven which should make a more noticeable difference.  This is really the first time I’ve committed to record my game sessions in this fashion.  In doing so, I’ve also realized this isn’t easy.

If you watch other gamers who either stream or record their game play, you might think “How hard can this be”?  While the setup and the actual process of capturing the video game play isn’t rocket science, remembering you are actually recording a video and keeping the conversation lively is altogether different.  But then again, sometimes keeping our mouth shut for a short period of time is also a good thing.  Anyway….

In episode two, I harvest the corn crop which is on field 2 into chaff to transport to the BGA.   At this stage we are still playing without soilmod.  Just taking our time getting the three different fields which were pre-planted harvested and then soilmod will start in episode four.

Thanks for watching and until next time…

Happy Farming!!!


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