Holmer DLC

If you are a fan of Farming Simulator 15, then you’ve probably already heard about the new DLC which was released on Thursday, 10 March for PC.  I had mixed feelings about this new DLC when I heard about it.  First, while I love the JCB DLC pack that came out last year.  I was really disappointed in the IT Runner DLC.  So much so, I initially passed on the New Holland DLC pack (I still need to review them here) but did finally purchase as I felt I could/would use them on my farms.  But as I began hearing about the Holmer DLC and seeing pictures of them I did jump to conclusions and in my mind immediately compared it to the IT Runner and sort of decided I would give it a pass.  After all, I really didn’t need another DLC pack of equipment collecting dust.  Plus with FS2017 coming later this year….well, you get the point.

This morning as I was getting my Thursday morning off to a roaring start in the office, I decided to quickly check YouTube and see if any of my favorite farming YouTuber’s had released a video review of the new Holmer DLC.  Low and behold, BradM73 had released a fantastic review showcasing the new DLC.  As I enjoy harvesting sugar beets and also want to better utilize the massive amount of liquid manure my farm has accumulated, I decided to purchase the Holmer DLC.  I’ll give it a proper test this evening and will certainly provide an update on my overall experience in the coming days.

Until then….please enjoy this wonderful video review from BradM73 and you can decide if the Holmer DLC is something you’ll add to your collection.

Until next time…

Happy Farming!!!


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