FS15 Mod Review–Buy Bales

Happy Friday!!!

I’m sure you must know the struggle each of us have when just starting out on a new map.  Especially if you are itching to get started with livestock.  Of course I’m talking about the lack of having any hay or straw on day one.  First we must harvest the wheat or barley crop, then rake and either bale or pickup the straw with a forage wagon.  In so many cases we don’t have these pieces of equipment when just starting out and equally we lack the funds to purchase them.

Finally…someone has developed the Buy Bales mod which (just as the name implies) allows for the purchase of straw or hay bales from the store.  As the mod description reads, you can choose either straw or hay bales and they will appear stacked at the vehicle shop, these bales will function as any bale made with a baler.  The purchase of bales include either 8 straw bales or 8 hay bales.  These are available under the Misc category.  The cost for 8 straw bales is $6,200 and 8 hay bales is $9,600.  The rental mod seems to accept these as rentable…but of course that shouldn’t be the case.

My Feedback

It’s unfortunate this mod is coming out in the final weeks before Farming Simulator 17 is due to be released.  This mod could very well be one of the more important mods a virtual farmer should consider and it’s been seriously lacking in game play.  After all, we as farmers can sell our straw and hay bales, why haven’t we been able to purchase them?

Now at first glance you may think “Wow that seems expensive”!  Well….let’s break it down.  In looking at the straw bales, 8 bales for $6,200 comes out to $775.00 per bale.  If I’m not mistaken, bales when sold by us farmers earn around $600-650 (I’m guessing from memory, but don’t think I’m far off).  So yea…there is a price difference.  But this would be expected as when we sell a hay bale, we are selling at wholesale prices, but purchasing at retail.  That’s business!


The only negative comments I have toward this mod is A.  It shouldn’t be rentable.  B. Perhaps it should be deliverable.  When you purchase a stack of hay or straw bales, you must retrieve them from the store versus having them reset to the farm.  Perhaps the mod could be expanded upon to offer two different types.  One being slightly more expensive to cover the delivery/stacking charge.  The only reason I’m suggested this is because the beginner farmer may not have all the necessary equipment to efficiently move the 8 bales from the shop to the farm.


How can I get this mod?

The Buy Bales mod is located here.  I have personally downloaded, installed and tested this mod.  The mod works and I use it on all my maps.

How do I install this mod?

Please see my blog post “How to Install Mods in Farming Simulator 15” for complete instructions.

Until next time…

Happy Hauling!!!


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