FlightSimExpo 2019

If you follow the happenings around the flight simulation community, then you should be well aware that the 2018 FlightSimExpo which was held in Las Vegas on 9-10 June was a success.  Flight Sim enthusiasts from around the world flew into LAS for the event and just about everyone I’ve heard from had nothing but positive thoughts regarding the 2018 event and look forward to 2019 and beyond.

As the dust begins to settle from the event, the organizers have been quick to communicate to those who attended the 2018 event regarding their opinions for future shows.  Specifically their interest/opinion regarding specifically where they might wish to see the 2019 event held.

From what I understand the survey sent out to the 2018 attendees, identifies a list of six US cities including ATL, DEN, LAS, MIA, MCO and SAN.  The survey also includes a write in slot as well.  But most likely people will focus on the six named cities.

Of course, yours truly would absolutely love to see Denver named as the 2019 host city location.  Denver (and the surrounding area) has a lot to offer and would be well suited to host the 2019 Flight Sim Expo and even future years as well.  Denver International Airport is the international destination of many European carriers including British Airways, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Icelandic and Edelweiss.  It is also a major hub for United Airlines and is served by most all the US carriers including American, Delta, Frontier and Southwest just to name a few.  While the event would certainly save me a lot of $$$ and allow me to even sleep in my own bed, is Denver (or any of the other cities listed) the best choice for FlightSim Expo 2019 and beyond?

In short, I say NO!

Yes absolutely, Denver (and all the other cities) have excellent airports with plenty of flight options.  Yes, Denver (and all the other cities) have plenty of state of the art conference facilities which could host this type of conference.  Yes, Denver (and all the other cities) also have a suitable nightlife to keep everyone entertained after the conference event ends for the day.  But….neither Denver…nor any other city listed has the nightlife that Las Vegas can offer.  Especially when you think about location and proximity.

Consistency is Key

I believe the key to having a successful conference year after year after year is consistency.  I believe it’s important to hold annual conferences around the same time each year and in the same location each year.  While one might could say that holding a conference in Denver on an annual basis could get old and stale after a few years, I really don’t think the same can be said for Vegas.  After all….when I think of Cool…the image of the Rat Pack comes to mind.  Frank, Dean, Joey, Sammy and Peter absolutely understood just how cool Las Vegas was and still is.

The other advantage to holding a conference in the same location each year ultimately comes down to cost.  Once a conference can establish themselves as an annual event, the organizers should be able to better negotiate deals with the hotel/conference center and pass those savings down to the attendees or use it to better enhance the event itself.

My Advice

If the organizers of FlightSimExpo care to listen, I say Vegas Baby!  Consider moving the event up the strip…but keep FSExpo19 in Fabulous Las Vegas. You’ve got a really good thing going here….keep it consistent and it’ll grow.


Yes I realize some will say (in a nasally voice), “but Las Vegas is too hot”.  I’m actually writing this (to be posted next week) while I’m traveling for work.  I’m currently in MCO (Orlando) and this is how the weather report was posted earlier today online “Hot, Sticky, Steamy, Soupy, Wet, Swampy and Nasty”.  Does that sound fun to you?  Yes, it’s hotter than a two dollar pistol in Vegas, but remember…it’s a dry heat.  MCO can’t claim that! Oh no….just Nasty!

Until next time….

Perhaps I’ll see you next year in LAS.


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