Grizzly Bear Farms

Coming Soon!!  Updated 30 September 2016

GrizzlyBearSims Farming Simulator 15 Dedicated Multiplayer Server

The process for getting a stable and reliable multiplayer host has been a bit of a struggle.  I’ve tried several and while initially they seem to perform OK, eventually performance begins to drop and in most cases support from these providers is non-existent.  In a last-ditch effort, I’ve rented a FS15 MP Server from another company and testing seems to be much better.  I hope to have the server ready for play sometime after 4 October.

Here are a few important details to understand before attempting to connect to the GrizzlyBearSims FS15 MP Server.

1. We are serious about our game play. We welcome anyone who shares our style of play. If you are interested in driving a tractor into a pond, then please go elsewhere. We practice a zero tolerance, first strike you’re out policy. So please consider this your one and only warning!

2. We will play with the Soilmod active.  This means there must be some form of order and flow to what we do, how we do it and when we do it.

3.  We also play with several mods which assist and enhance game play.  For the most part, all mods are as realistic as they can possibly be.  Think Realism through Simulation!

4.  Access to the Grizzly Bear Farms FS15 MP server will be tightly controlled.  If I don’t know you, and/or you are not personally vouched for by one of our other members…then you won’t join.  Unfortunately, there are just too many individuals who enjoy wrecking FS15 MP servers and I won’t allow this to happen to ours.

5.  What about FS17?  Once Farming Simulator 17 releases (25 October), I’ll consider adding this to GB Farms.  However, we don’t expect many mods to be available for FS17 for some time and as we all know, mods really help enhance game play.

6.  Please have fun!  After all, this is why we enjoy FS15.


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