Farming Simulator 19 Release Date???

When one is bored in a hotel room and there’s basically not much worth watching on TV, I often find myself surfing the internet and catching up on news related to my favorite simulation based games.  To my knowledge, the official release date for the much anticipated Farming Simulator 19 is only known to Giants.  In other words, I’ve seen nothing official come from Giants regarding a release date.  As I mentioned back in April in my posting titled “T-Minus Six Months and Counting…” history (based on previous releases) had me speculating that FS19 would release in the late October/early November time frame of this year.  However….

Again…too much time on my hands (I think I recall some music lyrics in that sentence STYX????) anyway, while reading some Facebook postings I discovered this little tidbit of information on Amazon.  Now before everyone gets excited….I have no idea if this is actually true and no idea of knowing if this is legit software.  I remember hearing some stories about folks selling vaporware on Amazon and other sites and customers never received their games.  But this states a release date of December 31, 2018 (New Years Eve).

I absolutely see no reason for anyone to rush out and purchase this.  Even if you typically purchase the boxed versions versus Steam, I would suggest a “wait and see” approach on this and wait until Giants actually announces a release date.  But hey…I’m stuck in a hotel room in Orlando and bored out of my skull….so I thought I would share my boredom with you all.

Until next time….

Happy Farming!!!



  1. Whenever Amazon states a December 31st release date this is known as a placeholder. Meaning they are highly sure it is coming out sometime before the end of the year but don’t have a confirmed release date yet from the developer. This is a common practice.

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