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I wanted to briefly draw your attention to a couple of YouTube videos which have recently been released by Chewwy94 (AKA Matt) who in my opinion is one of the best Flight Sim YouTube/Twitch content creators.  I’ve been watching and following Matt for several years.  His content is both educational and entertaining. 

Matt recently released two new videos showcasing the default Airbus A320 which will be one of the featured aircraft in the brand new flight simulator from Microsoft.  Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS2020) releases on 18 August and I believe will become the new standard for flight simulation. 

While it may be a few months before I fully embrace MSFS2020 as my go-to sim (due to the delayed release of study level aircraft), I fully believe MSFS2020 will introduce many new individuals to the wonderful world of flight simulation.  Being new once myself, (albeit a very long time ago) I cut my teeth on default aircraft and I firmly believe that is the best way to first grasp the art of flight simulation.  Once one masters the basics, then there is plenty of time to learn more advanced aircraft. 

Anyway….back on point!

The two videos I would like to showcase discuss the new flight planning features in MSFS2020 as well as a full flight from Manchester to London Heathrow in the default Airbus A320.  As Chewwy94 clearly points out in the flight video, the Airbus A320 still has a few opportunities (aka bugs) to be worked out and I’m sure the team at Microsoft are burning the midnight oil to get everything sorted. 

Thanks Matt for taking the time to showcase MSFS2020 on your channel and for all your efforts in helping so many (myself included) to get the most from this wonderful hobby.  You truly are a legend!

Please take the time to check out the Chewwy94 YouTube and Twitch channels.  His content is worthy of a Subscribe, Like, Follow etc. etc. etc. 

Until next time…

Happy Flying!!!


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