Casablanca to Timbuktu and Beyond

In over 25 years of flight simming, my only time to fly in or around Africa was in 2010 when I flew along the northern coast of Algeria and briefly in Libya before heading across the Mediterranean Sea towards Palermo, then on to Athens.  This adventure is allowing me to journey into the deepest portions of Africa and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to fly to Timbuktu.

My rich passenger travelers are tired from shopping and sightseeing around Casablanca.  We depart Casablanca early as we’ll travel most all day in order to reach Timbuktu.  However, I was given strict instructions to limit the flight segments to under 3 hours as best as possible.  I plotted the second travel day to depart Casablanca (GMMN) to Tindouf, Algeria (DAOF).  We’ll refuel, stretch the legs, grab lunch and then it’s off to Timbuktu, Mali (GATB).

I did learn what I needed to know about the flight characteristics of the King Air 200.  Under normal weather conditions, I have a range of just slightly over 1200 miles when fully loaded with 548 gallons of fuel (3671 lbs.).  The King Air 200 is also speedy in comparison to the single engine Mooney I used last time.  My passengers also enjoy all the amenities they expect including full drink and refreshment center (with flight attendant) and that fully enclosed aft lavatory.

fsx 2012-11-21 08-14-31-53

Bright and early in Casablanca.  Time to load’em up and move’em out.

fsx 2012-11-21 08-21-00-60

Ready to go 35R GMMN

fsx 2012-11-21 08-26-30-10

A little bumpy on the climb from Casablanca. 

fsx 2012-11-21 09-00-28-48

The western Sahara

fsx 2012-11-21 09-50-57-38

On final to Tindouf, Algeria DAOF

fsx 2012-11-21 09-56-43-34

Not much here but tarmac.  Topping off the fuel tanks and back in the air.  Thankfully we have that on-board enclosed lavatory.  Smile

fsx 2012-11-21 10-09-11-35

Climbing out over the western Sahara enroute to Timbuktu.

fsx 2012-11-21 12-59-18-24

On final into Timbuktu.

fsx 2012-11-21 13-04-41-55

On the ground at Timbuktu.  The rich family wants to push on to Niamey, Niger (DRRN).  After re-fueling we resume our trip.

fsx 2012-11-21 13-15-20-28

Departing Timbuktu and turning south towards Niamey.  The Beechcraft King Air 200 is getting a workout today.

fsx 2012-11-21 14-43-39-16

On final approach into Niamey (DRRN).

fsx 2012-11-21 14-49-38-02

On the ground, parked and engines off at Niamey, Niger.  

We are 2620 nm into our journey.  Our route will continue soon carrying us further south into Africa towards Kinshasa, DRC with planned fuel stops at Kaduna, Nigeria (DNKA) and Doula, Cameroon (FKKD).  I’ve also plotted my course to Cape Town.  I’ll have the Beechcraft checked out fully before resuming the journey.  From Cape Town our course will carry us up the eastern coast of South Africa, across to Madagascar. 

Until next time…

Happy Flying!!!


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