Another new update to Ringwoods

The new blog is starting to become a hit.  The daily visitor stats are increasing and I would like to thank all who have shared links.  This isn’t a fancy blog site, but Farming Simulator blog sites (especially in English) seem to be rare.  While a lot of folks are creating wonderful content on YouTube and Twitch, sometimes the written form is often appreciated.  For that, I’m happy to continue to write and share here.  Please continue to tell your farming friends.

Stevie has once again released an update to his awesome Ringwoods map.  This is the map I’ve been playing for several weeks now.  The latest version is 1.81.  Stevie states this will be the final update to the Ringwoods map.  Version 1.8 was released just a few days ago and is the current version I’m playing.  1.81 includes some minor changes and fixes which don’t impact my game play, so for now I’m going to continue farming on Ringwoods 1.8.

Regardless if you are just starting out or have been virtual farming for years…if you want a full-featured map, check out Ringwoods.  In addition, I’ve come to know Stevie through exchanging comments back and forth regarding Ringwoods.  Stevie is a wonderful modder and truly an asset to our virtual farming community.  If you are looking for high quality and error free mods, you may check out the full list of mods Stevie has posted on ModHub.  I picked up a few new ones myself.

Don’t forget, check out this blog article if you are interested in using Ringwoods to help you “Get Rich Quick”.  Just this morning I harvested another load of chaff for the BGA bunker.  Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching….

Until next time…

Happy Farming!!!


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