A Whole Lotta Goodness

Virtual Farmers…are you paying attention?  There’s a whole lotta goodness coming our way this fall.  Yes, Giants is set to release Farming Simulator 19 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 20 November 2018.  The ability to pre-order your very own copy is available directly from the Giants website, Steam and even places like Amazon.  At the present time, the going rate for FS19 is $34.99 on both the Giants website and Steam.  Amazon appears to want $5.00 more with their price set at $39.99.  If you want my advice, pick the Steam version and enjoy automagic updates and a carefree method of managing the install/licensing etc. But whatever purchase method you choose, I firmly believe the very best agricultural based simulator to date will be Farming Simulator 19.

Will you Buy FS19?

From all that I’ve read, from all that I’ve heard…Farming Simulator 19 will break a trend in which we’ve seen with past releases of this popular franchise.  It’s been argued in the past that the differences between versions have been minimal at best.  While I didn’t play FS11 or FS13, I did come onboard with FS15 after perhaps 2-3 months after initial release and of course I’ve played FS17 for over 800 hours.  Personally speaking, when I look back and compare FS15 to FS17 I see the value in upgrading.  After all, with FS17 we were introduced to the amazing Seasons Mod which truly changed the way FS17 is to be played and gave us a much, much higher level of immersion than we’ve had in previous releases.  Yes…even including the Soil Mod which truly lifted the imaginative game play on FS15.

Going out on a limb

I’m going to go right ahead and crawl my big ole bear butt right out onto the limb and state for all to read….Farming Simulator 19 will be the very best agricultural based simulation ever released by Giants AND will be the very best of all of these genre based games currently available to us at this time.

My Excitement

I’ll admit I found the Missions/Contracting options in FS15 and FS17 somewhat boring after a while.  I felt in FS17 more could have been done to make it more of a real job by allowing us to use our own equipment and also the ability to do tasks such as empty the combine.  In FS17 the combine could hold an infinite amount of whatever and this sort of blew the immersion out of the water.

In Farming Simulator 19, it appears they have reworked these missions and we will have the option to use our own equipment.  That’s Cool!  I’m also really  excited about the new modes of game play.  Actually, you can read more about these new game play modes by reading this thread on the PC-SG Forums.

Patience Grasshopper

Yes, we will need to find a way to contain ourselves until 20 November.  But I truly believe the extra few weeks we’ll need to wait will be 100% worth it.  Want more info on FS19?  The Giants website is always a good source, PC-SG will also have all the latest and greatest news and YouTube….There are a number of YouTube videos discussing all the wonderful new features FS19 will hold and I would expect we’ll all see preview videos from the usual suspects when they received their pre-release copies and showcase game play on their channels.  So get that popcorn ready, get your farms all tidy and ready to sell on FS17 and draw a BIG circle around the 20 November date on the calendar and be prepared to work hard.

Until next time…

Happy Farming!!!



  1. Steams nice for the updates but I’d argue for preordering directly from Giants. There’s usually a bonus piece of equipment for doing so (though this eventually makes its way out to everyone) and Giants see more of the profits. Either way I agree it’s shaping up to be a nice release

  2. Fantastic article GB! I certainly will be buying FS19. I agree it’s potentially going to be a massive milestone for them and us. They are introducing so many new things they’ve never done before. I hope it will all run as it should after the initial release bugs that can’t be avoided.

    • GrizzlyBearSims
      July 28, 2018 - 11:46 am

      Thanks EP. Hopefully the extra month Giants is giving themselves will also help to squash any bugs in testing and what they release in November will be near perfect. Or, they’ll do like many others and release it as-is and let those of us who have purchased it do their beta testing. LOL

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