2017 A Great Year for Flight Simulation

With new releases from Dovetail Games, Lockheed Martin and X-Plane….2017 is shaping up to be a really great year for flight simulation enthusiasts.  Arguably, the above mentioned developers ARE the future of flight simulation and no doubt will bring many new participants into this wonderful hobby.

For me, flight simulation was my very first video game passion which started in the early 1980’s.  Over the past 35+ years I’ve learned a lot and met many wonderful individuals through the hobby of flight sim.  As I anticipate a surge of new interested individuals to this hobby, over the next several weeks I’m going to write (in some cases re-write) a series of blog articles to assist in eliminating the confusion in all things flight simulation.

Just like other forms of simulation based games, flight simulation offers much enjoyment for a wide variety of interests.  Do you enjoy flying low and slow and taking in the scenery?  How about high and fast while simulating the captain of a modern jet airliner?  Or do you fancy becoming a propeller head and learning the art of flying non-fixed wing aircraft?  Something for just about all interest levels can be found in the wonderful genre of flight simulation.  Join me as I will help you better understand all your options and help you get started in flight simulation.

In addition to seeing more helpful content on my blog, I also plan to begin featuring flight sim related content on my growing GrizzlyBearSims YouTube Channel, and will occasionally stream flight sim related content to both YouTube, Twitch and Smashcast channels in the near future.

Stay tuned…..and hold onto your hat!

Until next time….


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