YouTube Schedule

GrizzlyBearSims YouTube Schedule – Spring 2018
Effective 1 April 2018

Weekly video releases will alternate between two weekly schedules.  All videos release at 6 AM Mountain Time.  Schedule is subject to change and/or videos omitted/substituted based on real life commitments.

Week A
Monday – FS17 Midtown USA
Tuesday – FS17 Mod Review
Wednesday – American Truck Simulator
Thursday – FS17 Tazewell County
Friday – FS17 Midtown USA
Saturday/Sunday – No Scheduled Content

Week B
Monday – FS17 Tazewell County
Tuesday – FS17 Mod Review
Wednesday – Euro Truck Simulator 2
Thursday – FS17 Midtown USA
Friday – FS17 Tazewell County
Saturday/Sunday – No Scheduled Content

*The Midtown USA series will wrap up and the final episode will release on Monday, 30 April.  Tuesday, 1 May will begin a brand new FS17 series.


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