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Hello to all viewing my brand new blog site.  Welcome to GrizzlyBearSims.com.   While the site is new, I’m certainly not new to blogging and certainly not new to game simulations.  My name is JT and I’ve been blogging about various simulation games for many years.  I started a flight sim blog back in 2010 and a few months ago started blogging about my adventures in Farming Simulator 2015.  While I kept these two blog sites independent of each other, I think it is now time to make an effort to bring everything together under one virtual roof.  In addition, I’ve also started playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 and occasionally also play Train Simulator.  I guess I’m hooked on simulation based games and want to have an opportunity to blog from time to time about my activities and do it all under one blog site.

Now before I proceed, allow me to provide some explanation on the site name, GrizzlyBearSims.com.  In an effort to provide some level of internet anonymity and to pay homage to my favorite animal, I decided to use GrizzlyBearSims to identify myself.  Of course, this is not a direct copycat of other media content producers who use animal names.  This is just my way of doing things.

So…what will you eventually see here?  As previously mentioned, I do enjoy simulation based PC video games.  Yes, I understand flight simulation is more than a game and I fully agree.  But for the sake of defining its genre…let’s just call it a game for this post.  So you will from time to time see content from my Flight Sim activities as well as Euro Truck Simulator 2, Train Simulator 2015 and yes even my activities from “down on the farm” when I play Farming Simulator 2015.  While I have never been the type of blogger to post news items, you may from time to time see information pertaining to upcoming releases or breaking news on the games I tend to play.  Also I plan to document all my mods/add-ons and will post links soon.

Finally, I’ve researched and researched and even researched some more and can’t find a clean, reliable way of merging all  my WordPress blogs together.  Without going into a lot of detail, while I can bring the posts over…anything with images would be more time consuming to migrate so for now I’m going to just provide you the links to each of the older sites.  I will begin slowly bringing all the old content over, but this will take time.

Position and Hold – My Flight Sim Blog Site

Down on the Farm – My Farming Simulator Site

Until next time…

Happy Simming!!!



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