FS19–State of the Game

Before I get to the meat of this blog post, please take a few minutes to visit and SUBSCRIBE to my good friend Duckzorly Gaming’s YouTube channel.  He produces excellent content on a variety of games including Farming Simulator 19, Two Point Hospital, Cities Skylines & Satisfactory.  As I said, his content is some of the best on YouTube and if you’re not a subscriber, please do me a really big favor and click the Subscribe button.  I assure you…you won’t be disappointed.  

In addition, if you are anxiously awaiting the release of the upcoming Farming Simulator Platinum DLC (Claas DLC) then you’ll want to watch Duckzorly’s recent video release where he covers the history of the Claas company and provides a detailed preview of the upcoming DLC.  DZ did an outstanding job researching and presenting the history of the Claas company and their evolution into one of todays leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. 

Farming Simulator 19 – State of the Game

I could literally fill pages and pages and even more pages on this blog site about my own views regarding the current state of Farming Simulator 19.  However, much of how I feel is exactly how many of you already feel.  As a matter of fact, Duckzorly released a video titled FS19 – State of the Game which if you haven’t watched it, YOU NEED TO!  His thoughts, feeling and desires for future versions is 100% spot on.

Yes…I know!  It’s almost one hour long.  If you don’t have a full hour of time to watch in one sitting, then please pick it back up at another time.  Duckzorly covers all the “Hot Button” topics which many of us have been discussing at great length in forums, discord etc. for many months.   Please watch his video below and I’ll provide my final thoughts below. 

My Final Thoughts

I’ve been playing the popular Farming Simulator since FS15.  I absolutely fell in love with this game with the FS15 version.  This love affair continued into FS17 as the game itself was made better with the addition of the Seasons Mod.  During the late summer and fall of 2018, our excitement for what we believed would be FS19 was replaced with sadness, bitterness and dissatisfaction in a product and a developer who we’ve historically held in high regard. 

As I stated earlier, I could fill pages and pages with hundreds and thousands of words regarding my own bitter experiences with FS19.  While it’s better now than it was on release.  My personal opinion is Giants simply don’t care.  They seem to have their priorities mixed up and in less than one years time, we most likely will start to see information regarding the release of Farming Simulator 21.  How will Giants tease us with FS21?  Most likely with just a bunch of CGI illusions and snake oil but hopefully I’m wrong.

I’ll return shortly with more thoughts on Farming Simulator 19 and more, very soon.

Until next time…

Happy Farming!



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