An Around the World Adventure

Just a little over 10 years ago, I successfully completed an around the world adventure using a Mooney Bravo in FSX.  I departed KAPA (my local GA airport in Centennial, Colorado) on 30 September 2010 and arrived back at the same airport on 19 November of the same year.  That route took me northeast through Canada over to Greenland etc.  you can view this 2010 route here

The goal for that trip was simply to circumvent the globe the best way possible and in the shortest amount of time.  As a matter of fact, my total flying time for that trip was just over 200 hours.  It was a lot of fun and with the release of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, I believe it’s time to do it again.  But this time I’m adding a bit more realism.  My goal will obviously be to fly around the world, but this adventure will be more than just that.  I plan to visit as many countries/continents as possible.  

Weather permitting, this adventure will start in the next few days.  I say weather permitting because I plan to fly each leg using real world weather.  If the weather isn’t suitable for VFR conditions, then I just won’t fly.  Having said this, I don’t believe it would be practical to fly northeast or northwest at this time.  So I plan to fly southeast from Colorado and spend the next several weeks exploring Central and South America.  As we get closer to spring in the northern hemisphere, I’ll then turn and head back north to the US and time my crossing from Canada to Greenland, Iceland etc.

How Long Will This Take?

The short answer, it will take as long as it takes.  I’m fairly certain this trip will take much, much longer than my 2010 trip.  Actually, perhaps my first goal is to be back in Colorado by the end of 2021.  This will allow me an entire year and will prevent me from burning out by doing the same thing day in, day out.

The Aircraft of Choice

Much like my 2010 adventure, I’m also going to be flying the Mooney M20R Ovation.  I picked up the Carenado M20R during the Christmas sale and while it pretty much handles like any of the other default aircraft, it’s an enjoyable aircraft to fly.  Plus with a 25,000 service ceiling, cruise speed of 242 knots and range of 1,100 nmi it’s the perfect single engine aircraft for this adventure.

Flight Tracking

While I don’t plan to blog about each and every leg of this trip, I will update a flight log and map after each leg so you can follow along with my progress.  Every few legs I may write up a blog post discussing the adventure and providing a few screen shots to highlight the trip. 


We don’t need no stinkin rules!  LOL  Ok, there are a few rules I’ve established for this trip.  First, I will be flying all legs in real time (no time compression) and real weather conditions.  I will adjust the time of day in the simulator when required.  I do plan to fly mostly during daytime hours.  After all, MSFS truly has stunning visuals and we’ll want to see all we can as we explore our wonderful world. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about this adventure as much as I will have flying it. 

Until next time…

Happy Flying!!!



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