MSFS Sim Update 15 Postponed Again

Yes ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, the highly anticipated SU15 or Sim Update 15 has yet again been delayed.  Microsoft announced just a few days ago that while SU15 had been delayed from the original date of March something or another to the end of April, they now believe they need another week or so to get it all polished up before it is ready for our PC’s.   While I’m just as excited and looking forward to SU15 as much as anyone else is, I certainly applaud Microsoft/Asobo on their actions.  The last thing we want is a half-baked update that will cause us more problems.

The Final Update

Unless something changes, SU15 will be the final update to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 that we’ll see this year.  Yes, that’s right!  Once SU15 is released (and pending that meets everyone’s expectations), we won’t see another system update for MSFS2020 until sometime in 2025. I think the reason for this is perhaps two-fold.  First, we’ve known for some time now that Microsoft and Asobo believe they have developed MSFS2020 just about as far as it can be developed.  Second, of course MSFS2024 is just around the corner.  While Microsoft and Asobo will continue to support MSFS2020 for some period of time after the release of MSFS2024, their focus after SU15 will be focused mainly towards the new sim.  Of course at the present time we do not have a release date for MSFS2024.  Perhaps we’ll learn more during the FSExpo in June.  But until more is known…we’ll just focus on MSFS2020.

Worth The Wait

Yes, I do believe SU15 will be worth the wait.  As I previously stated, it is truly best that Microsoft and Asobo takes all the time they feel they need to get it right.  But if you’re like me and have somewhat forgotten all that we can expect from SU15, here’s a little mental refresher for us all.

Stability and Performance Improvements

Microsoft and Asobo believe the SU15 update will bring us better sim stability and overall better performance with memory utilization.  Hopefully these changes will reduce the amount of stuttering we sometimes experience on short-final.

Better Ground Handling

SU15 promises a bit better friction and rubber simulation with a more realistic feeling when the aircraft is on the ground.  We do know that the developers of the Fenix A320 are eagerly awaiting this update to further enhance the ground physics of the A320 and hopefully other 3rd party developers can take advantage of this in the very near future.

More Live AI Traffic

While this one is not that important to me as I either fly on the VATSIM network or I use the FSLTL traffic injection, but SU15 will include more live AI traffic at the default level.  Of course this will come with a possible cost with performance.  But hopefully the performance improvements already mentioned will counter this impact.

Better land/water masking

SU15 will do a better job with how the water and land meetup and hopefully all the blocky textures and color differences around where water meets land will be a thing of the past.

iniBuilds A320

Yes, for those who are eagerly awaiting the new iniBuilds A320neo, that should finally be available with the SU15 update.  While again this isn’t something I’m that bothered with as I do absolutely love the Fenix A320, for those on the XBox platform you should be getting a really good aircraft in your virtual hangar.  Especially considering those on the XBox platform do have have access to either the Fenix or the FBW versions.

Final Thoughts

I’m hopeful SU15 will deliver all these wonderful things and I’m looking forward to the future to see what MSFS 2024 will bring.  I know a lot of people are still confused as to why Microsoft is releasing another brand new simulator and not just further developing MSFS 2020.  I plan to write about all this in the very near future and share some of the things I’m looking to see in the new sim.  For now, let’s be thankful for what we have and hope SU15 makes things even better until the new sim is here.

Until next time…

Happy Flying!!!



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