How I fixed my OOM issues

Without sacrificing the eye candy.

This is part two of a two-part blog article.  Please see and read part one for the clear picture on what I’m talking about.

First, this blog post is titled “How I fixed my OOM issues without sacrificing the eye candy”.  Please note the large “I” as in ME.  The disclaimer here is this is how I did it.  It worked for me, but there is no guarantee it will work for you.  In other words, your mileage may vary.

Again, please take the time to read part one to get the full picture.

As I stated towards the end of part one where I described the OOM errors I had only started to receive after many years of using FSX.  I DO NOT BLAME PMDG!  IT”S NOT PMDG’s FAULT.  If you feel I’m wrong about this statement.  Then please stop reading.

To recap from part one…

My FSX machine had been running on the same build for about 3 years.  I purchased and installed the PMDG T7 about a month ago and experienced my first OOM.  As I was having some other challenges on this PC, I decided to do a full and complete rebuild of the machine following Nick’s method and was still experiencing OOM’s when flying the PMDG T7 into payware airports.  I followed the recommendations mentioned in Kosta’s Flight Simulation Blog but wasn’t satisfied with losing out on some of the eye candy.

Part Two

I don’t give up easily.  I continued reading and searching various forums.  The only hopeful piece of information was reading about the possibility of a P3D 64 bit version of their flight simulator.  While this is the way forward…it wouldn’t be happening any time soon.  Finally I stumbled on this forum thread.

If you read that forum post, you’ll notice that many of the discussions are centered around all that I had previously done and described in Part One.  However, if you look at the 9th reply posted by stretch1365 on 07 November 2013 he mentions something called “Steve’s Scenery Fixer”.  This is actually a piece of software called SteveFX – DX10 Scenery Fixer and is available from The FlightSim Store.  The price is $33 USD.

Based on what I had read in that forum post, this SteveFX – DX10 Scenery Fixer might just help me.  It was worth $33 to find out.  So I made the purchase, installed the software, read the instructions.  I launched the software and performed the changes and enabled DX10 in FSX.

The moment of truth.  I knew I could easily determine if I had wasted $33 by flying from KDEN to KLAX in the PMDG T7.  So I set my sliders and everything else for what had triggered the OOM’s on approach into KLAX and departed KDEN running ActiveSky weather.  I monitored the VAS using the Process Explorer and upon departure from KDEN, FSX was running approx. 2.4GB.

As I began the descent and approach into KLAX I kept my eye on Process Explorer and noticed it stayed under 3GB.  I made the exact same approach into KLAX  and made my turn onto final for runway 07R.  Checking Process Explorer and about 10nm out from KLAX I was still under 3 GB.  VAL crept up to slight over 3 GB as I landed.  Success????

I conducted another test of loading up a flight from KLAX back to KDEN.  Yes, I realize the T7 probably hates these short flights, but just hang in there.  As I departed KLAX, heavy cloud cover blanketed the airfield.  At take-off I was running a VAS of 2.6GB.  No OOM’s and had a safe and happy landing back at KDEN.  Success???

OK…it takes more to convince me.  I next tested a flight from KDEN to KJFK (FSDT payware).  Results were just what I had experienced with the KDEN to KLAX flight.  In other words, my VAS does not creep up higher than about 3.2GB.  Success????  Maybe….

I will continue to test and do plan to conduct several long-haul payware to payware flights.  I will probably start with a KJFK to EGLL and then EGLL back to KDFW.  I’ll be sure to post the outcome of these flights.  But for now, yes I believe I have reached some level of success with the $33 investment.  I’ve also tested many of my other aircraft (payware and freeware) and have not found any issues after the running the SteveFX – DX10 Scenery Fixer software.

Will the SteveFX – DX10 Scenery Fixer software work for you?  All things being equal, I would say yes…but there are no guarantees.

Until next time…

Happy Flying !!!



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