PMDG Boeing 777-300ER is Amazing

But of course, we knew it would be right?   The wait is over…PMDG finally released their very highly anticipated Boeing 777-300ER on schedule just a few days ago.  Due to my traveling schedule, I was actually down in Texas at the DFW Airport when it released so I didn’t get to take part in all the fuss in trying to get my download codes like so many did.  I’ve heard dozens of reports from fellow simmers who tried to purchase the new PMDG 777 on release day and heard horror stories of the long wait.  Hopefully PMDG will invest in a better e-commerce platform as it’s very clear what they are using now is not capable of holding up to the demand.  But I digress…

As I type this, it is Thursday, 27 June and I’ve had time to get a few flights in the new Triple 7 and she flies wonderfully.  While I’ll admit that I favor the shorter Boeing 777-200 over the -300, she’s still an amazing aircraft and after getting a few more shorter flights under my belt, I will be embarking on some serious long-hauls which this aircraft is designed to handle.

Missing GoFlight Functionality

Of course, as the PMDG 777-300ER has only been recently released, it’s currently not yet working with my GoFlight hardware.  But I know in time the folks over at PollyPot will update the GoFlight Interface Tool and I will be able to control much of the MCP, EFIS and Radios via my external hardware just as I can with the PMDG 737.

Some Screenshots

If you already own the new PMDG 777, then you already know what she looks like.  If not, here are a few screenshots I’ve captured in the past few flights.

Not sure what’s going on with those ULD’s appearing at the top of the fuselage. I’m sure this will be resolved when GSX Pro gets updated for the new PMDG 777 functionality.  Speaking of GSX Pro, if you experience an issue with a tail strike on pushback, then make sure you disable the “lift aircraft” option, at least until a GSX update appears that may or may not correct this issue.

Final Thoughts

As I said above, I really much prefer the shorter 777-200 model….but until that is released it’s just a really great thing that we finally have a solid, long-haul aircraft in our virtual hangars.  We now have much better options in the longer range category and I’m looking forward to the release of the 777-200.  Of course, we also believe at some point during the release stages of the 777 that we may get the 737 Max from PMDG.  I also suspect the wait before Fenix releases their A319 and A321 shouldn’t be too awfully long from now.  I believe the expectation is that we’ll have those before MSFS 2024 releases later this year.  Fingers crossed anyway….

Well…until next time…

Happy Flying!!!



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